Trailer Tuesday: Dead is Alive

One of the copious Comic-Con treats to emerge from last weekend’s annual San Diego geek get-together was this: the continuation of AMC/Fox’s zombie survival saga, based on Robert Kirkman’s original graphic novel series, ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 looks set to plunge us further into the grim post-apocalyptic world of Rick and his rag-tag bunch of no-hopers.

October isn’t that far away, but if you can’t wait then get your brain-gobbling gnashers around the extended promo clip below. It’s better than brains!

Trailer Tuesday: Zombie Girlfriend Alert

It was 2004 when ‘Shaun of the Dead’ expertly took on zombie movie tropes with good-hearted British humour, and in the years since the zombie genre has taken a bite out of pop culture in a big way. ‘The Walking Dead’ may take top honours with its grim, post-apocalyptic world populated with rounded characters – but where’s the funnies gone?

The recent ‘Warm Bodies’ showed zombie tongue could be put firmly in rotting cheek if the undead in question just happened to be able to fall in love. It looks like new zom-rom-com ‘Life After Beath’ may be next in line, pairing indie-cred faves Aubrey Plaza and Dane DeHaan as the couple separated by death. Throw in a great ensemble cast and a tone that suggests a balance between sweetness, jokes and boy-eating, and we may have a comedy that may not be DOA come its pre-Halloween UK release.

Zombies Vs Spoilers

the walking dead season 4

Just in time for Halloween, when a number of its fans will be grossing up to dress as zombies, ‘The Walking Dead’ returns to screens for its fourth season. Thanks to Sky wising up to the American schedules, us Brits get the season opener just days after the States this Friday on Fox.

However, even with that short gap between its US airing and the UK debut, the fact we don’t live in an apocalyptic world where the Net has been replaced by brain-munching walkers means you’re likely to be as freaked out by spoilers as anything that you see in the opening episode. Avoid Twitter and streaming UK zombie addicts at all costs if you don’t want to find out who lives and who dies (unless it’s one of the show’s famed slow burns where nothing happens until 5 mins before the end credits), otherwise you might get zombie rage that does indeed bring about our own world’s destruction.

Can’t wait a few more days? Just think, the Fox-free folk who rely on Channel 5 or DVD boxsets have to avoid hashtags including #TheWalkingDead and #DidTheyJustKillRick?! until at least 2014. Here’s a taster anyway – mmmmm, brains…