Halloween Countdown – Costume Inspiration #3

In a week when he might be honoured this year’s Mercury Music Prize, David Bowie could prove to be a very on-trend costume choice this Halloween. But then again, hasn’t the Thin White Duke’s flamboyant approach to glam-rock always welcomed copycats inspired by his look?

Bless Lady Gaga, but she’ll do well to create even half of the iconic looks emblazoned in our minds by Bowie. Ziggy Stardust and his lightning-bolt makeup are always ripe for a redo, so why not give the famous alien alter-ego a zombie twist for a spooky Halloween theme? Alternatively, you could go full-on Goblin King and smuggle a budgie or five in your tights as ‘Labyrinth’s iconic villain. The power of the babe, indeed…

ziggy stardust

Janelle Monae: Sci-Fi Soul

janelle monae

Remember the days when Ziggy Stardust took pop music to the stars and beyond? Not enough contemporary pop music is influenced by sci-fi, so thank the cosmos for Janelle Monae.

The genre-splicing soulstress releases her new album ‘The Electric Lady’ tomorrow and it continues the story told on 2010’s ‘The ArchAndroid’. The new album contains Suites IV and V of Monae’s complex concept, which sees android Cindi Mayweather lead a droid rebel uprising in a futuristic setting inspired by Fritz Lang’s ‘Metropolis’ – and all this is set to a retro-modern soundtrack where pop, R&B, soul, rock and more clash to stunning effect. Plus, Prince pops up on ‘Givin Em What They Love’.

Bowie who?? Check out the mad-as-a-box-of-Mad-Hatters ‘Dance Apocalyptic’ below: