‘In Your Eyes’ On Your Screen

Forget Trailer Tuesday, have a whole film! Thanks to Joss Whedon, who follows the quietly revolutionary model in the Radiohead ‘pay what you want’ and Netflix ‘whole series in one day’ vein, you can now view the ‘Buffy’ scribe’s new independent movie, directed by Brin Hill, online now via Vimeo.

I sadly haven’t settled down to watch ‘In Your Eyes’ just yet, but plan to this weekend. And you can’t argue with the £3 rental fee, which is a third of the price of a multiplex ticket and less than a tub o’ popcorn (and hopefully just as delish!).

Not convinced? First of all, surely you’re in the wrong place if you aren’t a Whedon geek. Second of all, the ‘Avengers’ mastermind may just change your mind in the vid below:

ALL HAIL! Viva la Joss!!

Lust for New Fran Kranz Romance

A new trailer dropped this week for a romantic comedy that will no doubt appeal to Whedonverse geeks – but, after watching the clip, it’s hard to see how it won’t appeal to all film fans tired with romcoms.

Led by the affably daffy Fran Kranz and fellow ‘Dollhouse’ alum Dichen Lachman, director/writer Anton King’s ‘Lust for Love’ is promising a fresh indie spin on the ol’ lovelorn boy meets feisty girl format.

For the geeks who don’t do ‘girly’, then you may be swayed by appearances by the likes of Felicia Day and Enver Gjokaj, making it a love-in so full of Whedon wonders that it’s surprising Joss isn’t masterminding the whole thing himself.

14 for 2014: Whedon Looks Ahead with ‘In Your Eyes’

There are many things to be excited about this year, some of them already covered here and some not (I haven’t even touched upon genre fiction or the best in new theatre), but the final place on my list goes to the JJ Abrams for people who are nonplussed by JJ Abrams: Joss Whedon.

in your eyes

Following his biggest success to date with ‘The Avengers’, his production outfit Bellweather Productions were afforded the chance to release the super low-budget Shakespeare adap ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. With the second Avengers movie ‘Age of Ultron’ being fit into its superhero costume ready to fly in summer 2015, Whedon is set to off-set his newfound blockbuster glory once again with Bellweather’s second production, supernatural romance ‘In Your Eyes’.

As good as ‘Much Ado’ was (and possessed of Whedon’s trademark spark), it’s great to hear that ‘In Your Eyes’ is an original script from Whedon. Directed by Brin Hill and starring Zoe Kazan (she of adorable indie ‘Ruby Sparks’), the movie was shot last year and is currently in post-production to be released this year. Great news for all fans of the Whedonverse and a nice, low-key taster before Whedon resumes his mantle of King of the Geeks with next year’s darker Avengers tale.