Lana Del Geek

Everyone’s favourite ‘Video Games’-playing chanteuse has teased a short film (ooh-er!) called ‘Tropico’ with an intriguing B/W poster. Coney Island queen Lizzy Grant has described ‘Tropico’ thusly: “a 30 minute film coming to a city near your. Premier dates coming soon.”

Set to a soundtrack of Del Rey songs ‘Body Electric’, ‘Gods & Monsters’ and ‘Bel Air’, it sounds like ‘Tropico’ will pick up where the promo for ‘Ride’ left off, as an extended music video that wears its art on its sleeve and will double as a slightly pretentious but super good-looking short and a showreel for Del Rey’s inevitable Hollywood debut role. Whatever the outcome, this geek be looking forward to learn what Lana’s gonna do with that snake…

Lana Del Rey