Trailer Tuesday: Getting the Disney Feels

After last week’s heroic ‘Big Hero 6’ trailer comes another new tease from Disney. Although the House of Mouse is entering a potential new golden era, thanks largely one suspects from the creative leadership of John Lasseter, ‘Inside Out’ officially bears the stamp of Pixar which is even more cause for excitement.

‘Brave’ was an interesting but flawed diversion and ‘Cars 2’ suffered from sequel-itis (although ‘Monsters University’ was great fun!) so it’s about time we got another cast-iron Pixar classic to stand head and shoulders alongside ‘Toy Story’, ‘Wall-E’ and ‘Up’ – and the totes emosh ‘Inside Out’ could be that very movie.

It takes the offbeat idea of the primary characters being emotions belonging to a little girl and gifts it a script from ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ scribe Michael Arndt and an inspired geek-bait voice cast, including Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling and Bill Hader. If you’re not already excited, then the sweet trailer tribute to golden Pixar moments is sure to win you over…

Trailer Tuesday: A New Disney Hero

The love for ‘Frozen’ is still yet to thaw, with cuddly Olaf teddies surely the must-have for every home this coming winter. Regardless, with its themes of sisterly love and big Broadway barnstormers, you simply can’t avoid the fact that ‘Frozen’ is, well, a bit girly…

Thankfully, the creative spark reignited in Disney since John Lasseter took the Big Boss job looks set to remain alight with ‘Big Hero 6’. Although it’s infuriatingly getting a pre-Xmas release in the States and a post-Xmas release in the UK, the key thing here is that the same creative verve applied to ‘Tangled’, ‘Wreck-It-Ralph’ and, yes, ‘Frozen’ is not in short supply in the movie’s trailer – so it will hopefully be worth the wait!

The promo suggests an idiosyncratic spin on the recent superhero boom with interesting references from Eastern culture. An unkind person who doesn’t enjoy fun might say it looks to be recycling elements from ‘The Incredibles’ and ‘Wall-E’, but if it’s even a tenth as good as those Pixar classics then I’m happy and my faith in the Mickey Mouse Empire shall remain unshaken.

Trailer Tuesday: There Be Monsters… Again

Okay, so Gareth Edwards may not be behind the camera (he was a wee bit busy wrangling that Godzilla fella), but a sequel to the director’s monstrous indie hit is very much welcome – and here’s a trailer to get us rubbing our slimy tentacles together in anticipation.

‘Monsters: Dark Continent’ is directed by Tom Green and looks like ‘The Hurt Locker’ spliced with a B-movie of epic proportions – but don’t take my word for it, simply press play…

Trailer Tuesday: Gone Baby Gone (Gurlll)

It always seems like the hot literary properties David Fincher turns his directorial talents to have a habit of passing me by.

‘Fight Club’ was my introduction to the world of the crazy-good Chuck Palahniuk in 1999, and it wasn’t too far back that his spin on Lizzy Salander (expertly played by Rooney Mara) gave Stieg Larrson’s bestseller ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ a Hollywood remake that was, in true Fincher style, pitch black un-Hollywood.

His next movie turns to a similarly much-loved novel with a titular ‘Girl’ – and, similarly, I seem to be the only person who has access to Amazon/Waterstones who hasn’t read it. Gillian Flynn’s page-turner is a keep-you-guessing thriller that promises to mess with the reader’s mind – apparently, anyway, or that’s what all my friends who keep a commute-ready copy in their bag tell me.

With Fincher involved, plus an intriguing cast led by Batman Ben Affleck, Brit babe Rosamund Pike in what promises to be her true Hollywood breakout and Neil Patrick Harris swapping Broadway and sitcoms to give good creep, I am IN. But maybe I’ll read the book first before anyone can spoil the ending – who wants to lend me a copy? Anyone?

Trailer Tuesday: Dead is Alive

One of the copious Comic-Con treats to emerge from last weekend’s annual San Diego geek get-together was this: the continuation of AMC/Fox’s zombie survival saga, based on Robert Kirkman’s original graphic novel series, ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 looks set to plunge us further into the grim post-apocalyptic world of Rick and his rag-tag bunch of no-hopers.

October isn’t that far away, but if you can’t wait then get your brain-gobbling gnashers around the extended promo clip below. It’s better than brains!

Trailer Tuesday: Harry’s Pixie Dream Girl

What if Harry Potter was the lead in a ‘500 Days of Summer’ style hipster rom-com featuring a proven manic pixie dream girl?

The trailer for ‘What If’ looks like it could be a charmer, or it could be one of those that goes the other way by showing the best bits in the three minute promo. However, with Daniel Radcliffe continuing to make interesting lo-fi choices, and paired alongside ‘Ruby Sparks’s Zoe Kazan as the love interest and ‘Girls’s Adam Driver as the best friend (in a pre-stratosphere role before his showing in the new ‘Star Wars’), ‘What If’ does show some sweet promise.

What do you think, geeks??

Trailer Tuesday: A Lost Gosling

When last year’s ‘Only God Forgives’ received boos at the Cannes Film Festival, it was not particularly surprising given director Nicolas Winding Refn’s divisive depictions of violence. It looks like Refn’s controversial style may have rubbed off on muse Ryan Gosling, following last week’s reports of the poor critical reception awarded to the Driver’s very own directorial debut.

‘Lost River’, formerly ‘How To Catch a Monster’ (shame it lost that title), has promised a lot since the pre-production murmurs began, with casting a hotbed of cult/geek faves including Christina Hendricks, Iain De Caestecker and the Doctor himself, Matt Smith; therefore, it would be a shame if it is the true bomb that some Cannes critics are claiming it to be.

The striking sorta-trailer below, offering a first glimpse of a potentially bizarre outing for a shaven Smithy, still has me hooked in. The film is released later this year.

Trailer Tuesday: Good Gotham

EEK! Who knew, back in the hazy teen telly days of 2004, that OC bad boy Ryan would turn out to be Commissioner Gordon?

Batman-verse TV spin-off ‘Gotham’ has been granted a full series and, as if in celebration, the first full trailer has landed online. It’s still early days of course – and still so soon after Nolan’s rendering of the Bat’s city (and not too far ahead of Snyder’s dance with the Bat) – but the first glimpse is promising, offering up a rogue’s gallery of some of Bruce Wayne’s deadliest foes back when they might have been redeemed.

Indeed, it looks set to follow the same origin-opening trail currently being trod with great wit by ‘Bates Motel’ and ‘Hannibal’ – but neither Norman nor Lecter live in Gotham, do they? With Gordon as the focus, a great entry point for the everyman, then this could potentially run a good few years with so much love for DC’s Dark Knight…

Trailer Tuesday: Cane Strain

This week, it’s all about a TV tease for an upcoming show I have high hopes for. We’ve all seen movies where fans of the original book have bemoaned the quality of the screen translation, but for Guillermo Del Toro and Carlton Cuse’s upcoming FX series ‘The Strain’ a hardcore following in waiting has already devoured a trilogy of books like the bloodthirsty infected. Disappointment may result in a real-life apocalypse.

Although no full trailer has been released yet, the teaser campaign has started with the second clip below going for the enigmatic approach (the first tease was of a Manhattan skyline darkening). A cane descends on a city street and is littered with wrapped candy – the silver-tipped cane can only represent the weapon of choice for vampire plague survivor, Abraham Setrakian, who will be played by John Hurt in the show.

For those who haven’t read the books (and even for those who have), the trail doesn’t reveal much but Cuse’s proven TV chops paired with Del Toro’s original vampiric vision will hopefully result in a gory genre classic. ‘The Strain’ is set to debut for a 13-episode run this summer in the States, so look out for more previews soon.