Trailer Tuesday: Burton’s Big Christmas

Forgive the Will-Ferrell-in-‘Elf’-like enthusiasm for Christmas that will likely takeover this blog in the next couple of weeks, but my sleigh bells are a-tinglin’ as we enter festive season. As well as turkey, trimmings, gifts and gooey family sentiment, movies are of course a staple of the holidays and so I’ll kickstart this Geek’s un-Grinchy approach to Xmas with a trailer of the new movie I’m most excited about this December.

Keep your hobbits. This Boxing Day, it’s all about Burton, Adams and Del Rey. It could only be more delish if smothered in cranberry sauce…

Burton Ballet


I have my tickets, but do you?!

Yep, Matthew Bourne’s ballet reimagining of Tim Burton’s seminal ‘Edward Scissorhands’ is returning to the UK this year and into 2015. The New Adventures production of the dark fairytale follows last year’s Danny Elfman musical tribute in bringing the director’s best creations to a stage near you.

After having been dazzled by the show at Birmingham Hippodrome back in 2008, it took me less seconds than it does to snip scissors to snap up some tickets. I’d advise any Burton fans to book up now, as it captures the magic of the movie perfectly – even if, like me, you’re a ballet virgin to begin with! Trust me: you’ll be dancing like Winona around ice angels for the days following.

Halloween Countdown – Costume Inspiration #2

victor and sparky

Attending this year’s big Halloween bash with a pal? Make it man’s best friend by taking tips from Tim Burton’s ‘Frankenweenie’, the tale of a budding young scientist and his beloved – and decidedly dead – dog.

Dress up in your best ‘mad scientist’ garb to embody Victor, that’s the easy part. For Sparky the dog? Either add some well-placed stitches and a fake neck bolt to your beloved pup OR if you have an up-for-it friend, tell them not to have a shower for the next two days (for that authentic been-in-the-ground smell) and get them in their best doggy onesy. Just add a lead and you’re done!

Batman Returns As Beetlejuice?

The ghost with the most may return to make my millennium, if reports are to be believed. Yup, Tim Burton is in talks with Michael Keaton to reprise the latter’s role for a sequel to ‘Beetlejuice’. Ooh-er!

Sure, naysayers may poo-poo the idea and I’d hope the original’s use of Harryhausen-style practical effects would not be displaced by shiny CGI, but I’m in the ‘pro’ camp. And if they don’t get Keaton to sign on, I vote Russell Brand put on his best stripy suit and go all-out zany in his place. Say it with me: Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetle…


Danny Elfman #Scoregasm

All day, I’ve had the voice of Jack Skellington battling it out in my headspace with various mildly spooky refrains from some of my favourite Tim Burton films.

Danny Elfman

Despite remaining somewhat burnt over the lack of official tour programmes (the bladdy things were sold out soon after doors opened), the Birmingham stop of ‘Danny Elfman’s Music From the Films of Tim Burton’ was an amazing live show and a rare chance to hear highlights from the back catalogue of such a renowned film composer. By turns bombastic (the ‘da-da-da-dunnn’ of pre-Zimmerman ‘Batman’), elegant (the subdued majesty of ‘Big Fish’s climax) and downright scary (the Hammer horror of ‘Sleepy Hollow’), the concert saw the BBC Concert Orchestra tackle all 15 of the Burton/Elfman collabs.

Highlights? Well, all of it. But I can safely say I now want a theremin for Christmas, after the sci-fi suites of ‘Mars Attacks’ and ‘Frankenweenie’. The young soprano who led the choir on the ‘Alice In Wonderland’ theme also threatened to steal the show, but it was perhaps the films you would expect that had the audience of clear devotees (lots of black-and-white stripes on display) on the edge of their seats, goose-pimpling and getting a tad nostalgic. The ‘Ice Dance’ suite from ‘Edward Scissorhands’ was obviously gorgeous, while Elfman himself inspired at least two standing ovations with a perfectly performed medley of ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ songs, giving spindly-limbed life to both Skellington and Santa-napping nemesis Oogie Boogie.

Encore x 1000. Now, I really want this if someone would like to gift me a wad of cash. Maybe I’ll have to ask Sandy Claws…

Music From the Films of Tim Burton

What’s This?! Danny Elfman Tours UK

danny elfman music from the films of tim burton

Tim Burton fans are in for a treat without the requisite trick from Lock, Shock and Barrel. After the London Royal Albert Hall show sold out, it has been announced that Danny Elfman will tour ‘Music from the Films of Tim Burton’ in Leeds, Glasgow and Birmingham.

Cue geek explosions from Tim Burton fans across the UK, myself included. As the press release puts it, this ‘brand new orchestra event features Danny Elfman’s famous film scores brought to life on stage by the BBC Concert Orchestra under the baton of John Mauceri, and enhanced by visuals on the big screen of Tim Burton’s original film sketches, drawings and story boards.’ Featuring music from some of Burton’s biggest films – that’s you, ‘Edward Scissorhands’, ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, ‘Beetlejuice’ and ‘Batman’ – these special shows will feature four-time Oscar nominee Elfman playing with the BBC Concert Orchestra and a 45-piece choir. Heck, he’ll even be singing the part of Jack Skellington – WHAT’S THIS?!

If you couldn’t tell, I’m a wee bit excited. Here’s hoping the faithful Elfman elves get tickets. Until then, I’m gonna be dancing about under an ice sculpture looking forward to October 10th…