Halloween Countdown – Costume Inspiration #6

Want a costume that’s so hot right now AND rather horny? Go loco and make it Loki.

With part 2 of the ‘Thor’ saga out next week, Tom Hiddleston’s super villain with a ‘little brother’ complex is totes on trend and you’re less likely to run into a carbon copy, whereas my Spider-sense (keeping it Marvel) is tingling and telling me there will be plenty of Thors wielding hammers this Halloween.

Ergo: rise, puny Gods!

loki thor

Let There Be Marvel-lous Light

iron man3D FX Lights

Oh my deity! These go to the top of the wishlist, am I right?!

These Marvel-lous new wall light creations from 3D Light FX are unfortunately not (yet) available to purchase in the UK, but to have the Hulk’s fist smashing through your wall – and simultaneously offering illumination for late night comic book reading – makes any associated shipping charges a minor consideration. Which one would you go for??

Phwoar, It’s Thor!

Coinciding with ‘Geek Week’ on YouTube, Marvel today launched a second full-length trailer for hammer-happy Thor sequel ‘Thor: The Dark World’. Following last week’s official poster, it appears promo is ramping up now ahead of the film’s November release date and the clip below is sure to sate fans who want to know what happened with duelling Asgardian bruvs Thor and Loki. And where the hell was the Black Swan during the Battle of New York? Tease yourself below: