14 for 2014: Unrepentant Tori and Scully Falls Again

Next on 2014’s hit list?

Tori Amos has always drawn a dedicated and, well yeah, geeky fanbase – so last year’s unexpected announcement of new album ‘Unrepentant Geraldines’ and a supporting world tour was an early Christmas present for Toriphiles. Now we’re in 2014, we’re that bit closer to the spring release of Amos’s 14th studio album which promises to retain the orchestral flourishes of ‘Night of Hunters’ as her latest release on the Mercury Classics label. Can’t wait!

tori amos

2014 not ’90s telly enough for you? If you lived for the antics of Dana Scully and Fox Mulder 20 years ago (scary, right?) then no doubt Gillian Anderson’s blistering return to cult TV last year brought you back from your boxset blitz. Sure, she was a highlight of Bryan Fuller’s chilly ‘Hannibal’ (also returning this year, yay!) but Anderson’s turn as Stella Gibson in BBC crime drama ‘The Fall’ was perhaps the TV highlight of the year.

the fall season 2

She will be joined by Jamie Dornan as the scarily charismatic serial killer, in a role that proves there’s more to him than Christian Grey, for a second run of the show this year. It could be a risky decision a la ‘Homeland’ to extend the cat-and-mouse games, but if they pull it off it will be the one to watch in 2014. It’s filming now so let’s hope Aunty Beeb sets a premiere date later this year. Just make sure to lock your doors when you settle down to watch…

Christian Grey’s Gonna Kill You

the fall

Following the news that Jamie Dornan has stepped into the birthday suit left vacant by Charlie Hunnam, ladies who like their lashings, chains & ass paddles beware: if you didn’t see this year’s ahhhhmazing BBC series ‘The Fall’, then seek it out and get scared. Christian Grey is scary.

Hopefully, the Hollywood hype machine that is ’50 Shades of Grey’ won’t get in the way of Dornan getting together with Gillian Anderson for a second series of the electric crime drama. Watch out, Scully!