App Pop

applause Artpop

Yesterday, Lady Gaga teased her new single ‘Applause’. Cue Little Monsters everywhere sharpening their claws ready to put them in the air come 19th August, the single’s due date. Of course, this being Germanotta (a gal whose fashion toolkit includes every colour, including ‘geek’ at its most chic), the visuals are just as important and so said tease came in the form of stills, both of the single’s cover and accompanying artwork for third album ‘Artpop’. Very ‘Dazed & Confused’, dontcha think?

Perhaps more intriguingly, ‘Artpop’ will also be ‘app’ pop. Following in the wake of Jay-Z’s Samsung-only ‘Magna Carter’ app and Bjork’s ‘Biophilia’ adventure, Gaga will get her fans tapping on their smartphones and iPads to experience an album that she calls a ‘project’. In a statement released with the stills, the Lady herself said: “ARTPOP will be released as an IPAD, iPhone, mobile and computer compatible application (WORLD) that is completely interactive with chats, films for every song, extra music, content, gaga inspired games, fashion updates, magazines, and more still in the works!”

Pretty geek-friendly, huh? It gets me thinking, in ten years’ time will every major label album release have a bedfellow app? Are we at risk of the music becoming secondary to the visuals? Will we have to reach level 670 of ‘Candy Crush’ to unlock an elusive bonus album track? Who knows? Either way, I know two things that are completely conflicting: a) I look forward to Gaga’s latest madcap messin’ of the pop landscape, app and all, and b) I kinda miss the simplicity of vinyl or, hell, even CDs.

Geek Cans

I’m no discerning audiophile, but I do love my music and therefore hate headphones that threaten to make the morning commute more depressing than it already is. That’s why I urge any UK music geeks to head to their local HMV to get their hands on a superb set of cans for a great price, as this deal is sure to encourage iPod devotees to part with their cash as quickly as I did.


Chambers by RZA and WeSC are heavily discounted at the moment instore at HMV (the website is sadly still awaiting a relaunch after that whole ‘administration’ business earlier this year), so you can enjoy ‘phones endorsed by the Wu-Tang icon for a fraction of the cost of Beats – and apparently they’re better too. They’re certainly pretty swag, even boasting LED lights when you switch on the ANC, and the sound is definitely crisp and punchy in all the right places – what really sealed the deal was the £50 price tag though, when the RRP for the premium set was £250.

So, even if you have no clue who this RZA chap is, you can’t argue with that price. The ‘Street’ version is even cheaper, available for just 40 notes. More snapshots of the premium set below: