Trailer Tuesday: Anne Hathaway Feels Heavy Metal – or a Bit Folky

Riding into Trailer-land straight from a Broadway showing of ‘Once’, new indie rom-non-com ‘Song One’ has a few things going for it. Sure, the trailer suggests a bit of a grim set-up and we’re all used to Anne Hathaway looking glum for an hour and a half, but the girl can sing – and the musical nature of this folk-inflected drama may give her a chance to flex those Miserables vocals alongside her co-star, none other than Brit coulda-been Johnny Flynn.

Well, I say coulda-been. After witnessing his comrades Laura Marling, Mumford and Sons and Alt-J hit it big in music, the singer-songwriter looked like he was swapping guitars for innuendo as lead in Channel 4 sitcom ‘Scrotal Recall’. However, now he’s combining acting chops with credible choons, hooking up with the dependably fantastic Jenny Lewis to provide the songs for ‘Song One’. With Christmas outta the way and post-New Year blues setting in, the movie – and its soundtrack – could very well be the cinematic warm cuddle every hipster’s after in cold, dank January. Could ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ be given a fiddly bluegrass makeover? Waiting to see is part of the fun.

The Perfect Driving Soundtrack

I thought BBC Three was up for the chop, but thank God it isn’t as this Thursday presents a rather unique concept for cult film fans.

Drive Radio 1

‘Drive’ lives up to its reputation as being the coolest movie of recent years (or ever, if you’re me) with a reboot this Thursday night at 10pm – tune in to the digital channel and you’ll witness the film with a special soundtrack curated by one of mainstream radio’s sole saviours, Zane Lowe.

Now, the original soundtrack was just as good as the film, featuring cracking tunes from Kavinsky, Desire and College, not to mention a moody neo-noir score courtesy of Cliff Martinez.

The version of the movie screened on Thursday in the UK will be rescored and feature Banks, Eric Prydz, SBTRKT, Laura Mvula and Bastille. Meanwhile, awesome electro-pop band CHVRCHES contribute a new song titled ‘Get Away’.

‘Radio 1 Rescores: Drive – Curated by Zane Lowe’ debuts on Thursday and you can check out the trailer below: