Welcome (Back) to Twin Peaks

Fancy some damn good coffee? Well, get the car loaded and logs at the ready because David Lynch’s seminal TV show (and pretty much the blueprint for all influential cult telly) is only getting the revival treatment.

return of twin peaks

^^^ That’s my excited face right now.

So yeah, after some cryptic tweets over the last few days, it has been officially announced that ‘Twin Peaks’ will return for a ‘limited series’ on Showtime in 2016, 25 years after the show ended after two seasons in 1991. Nine new episodes will be written by Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost, with Lynch directing all nine episodes – can I get a WOW or ten?!

All Mondays need news like this from now on – okay, TV gods??

Festival Film Born in the USA

jay-z made in america

Jay-Z and Richie Cunningham. Nope, Jay-Z isn’t ditching Kanye as a regular collab partner, nor Queen Bey for a sordid romantic endeavour.

Instead, the world’s biggest rap star Shawn Carter and Hollywood director – and former ‘Happy Day’-er – Ron Howard, are bringing last year’s Showtime documentary to DVD. Spotlighting Mr Carter’s Made in America festival, the film is definitely worth a watch for any music fan, documenting the development and realisation of the first festival in Philadelphia in 2012.

Now in its third year (and with an increasingly impressive line-up across Philly and L.A. each year, see pic below), the doc does well to showcase some strong live snippets from the festival’s impressive melting pot of acts; from Janelle Monae to Pearl Jam, right back to The Hives, Miike Snow, Jay himself and everyone in between… it really does look like good fun, maybe less of a novelty for us festival-fatigued Brits, but the interviews reveal the well-intentioned ethos and love of music that has made the event happen year on year.

Check out my ‘Made in America’ review online at The Music Fix right now. 🙂

2014 made in america lineup