Mano’s Daughter: An EP to Make You Shiver

Love pop music but only when it’s infused with cred-baiting electronic/indie elements? Say hello to Mano’s Daughter.

Mano's Daughter

The interestingly named London trio recently delivered second EP ‘Shiver’ to an unsuspecting public, but discerning music fans are encouraged to seek out its five slinky, catchy tracks in time to transform those dreary autumnal morning commutes.

I’ve only become familiar with the band this past week, so it was the best kind of surprise to uncover an act with real potential. Giving trip-hop a synth-driven makeover, Mano’s Daughter have the lush vocals of Sarah Carter to help elevate the songs to the next level such as on the beautiful ‘Little Heart’.

Check out the video to ‘What’s a Girl Supposed to Do’ below, then read my review for more on their fab EP which is out now!