Trailer Tuesday: A Lost Gosling

When last year’s ‘Only God Forgives’ received boos at the Cannes Film Festival, it was not particularly surprising given director Nicolas Winding Refn’s divisive depictions of violence. It looks like Refn’s controversial style may have rubbed off on muse Ryan Gosling, following last week’s reports of the poor critical reception awarded to the Driver’s very own directorial debut.

‘Lost River’, formerly ‘How To Catch a Monster’ (shame it lost that title), has promised a lot since the pre-production murmurs began, with casting a hotbed of cult/geek faves including Christina Hendricks, Iain De Caestecker and the Doctor himself, Matt Smith; therefore, it would be a shame if it is the true bomb that some Cannes critics are claiming it to be.

The striking sorta-trailer below, offering a first glimpse of a potentially bizarre outing for a shaven Smithy, still has me hooked in. The film is released later this year.

The Internet Gets A Ryan Makeover

Hey Girl

This geek be looking good all of a sudden, huh?

Well, I’m not quite Ryan Gosling levels of heartthrob hunk, but if you’ve got the time on your hands (and nurture your delusions to a point) then a fun, quirky little new online tool will help give your Facebook profile picture a Ryan makeover in no time.

Head to and download the plugin, and you’ll be able to turn ANY picture on a website into a random pic of Mr Gosling. Perfect for all daydreaming gals out there – and a plentiful amount of chaps, I bet.

Once again, the Internet wins.

Only Dogs Forgive

Fists at the ready, for Ryan Gosling and Nicolas Winding Refn’s follow-up to ‘Drive’ hits UK cinemas today. Literally. ‘Only God Forgives’ has already caused quite the stir, with the pummelling violence proving quite divisive.

Sooo, this weekend will you be heading out to catch the movie at your local arthouse…

only god forgives

…or playing it safe and playing the ‘Ryan Gosling vs. Puppy’ game here?

ryan gosling puppy

Choices, choices. Cute doggy image courtesy of