Trailer Tuesday: Getting the Disney Feels

After last week’s heroic ‘Big Hero 6’ trailer comes another new tease from Disney. Although the House of Mouse is entering a potential new golden era, thanks largely one suspects from the creative leadership of John Lasseter, ‘Inside Out’ officially bears the stamp of Pixar which is even more cause for excitement.

‘Brave’ was an interesting but flawed diversion and ‘Cars 2’ suffered from sequel-itis (although ‘Monsters University’ was great fun!) so it’s about time we got another cast-iron Pixar classic to stand head and shoulders alongside ‘Toy Story’, ‘Wall-E’ and ‘Up’ – and the totes emosh ‘Inside Out’ could be that very movie.

It takes the offbeat idea of the primary characters being emotions belonging to a little girl and gifts it a script from ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ scribe Michael Arndt and an inspired geek-bait voice cast, including Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling and Bill Hader. If you’re not already excited, then the sweet trailer tribute to golden Pixar moments is sure to win you over…

Trailer Tuesday: A New Disney Hero

The love for ‘Frozen’ is still yet to thaw, with cuddly Olaf teddies surely the must-have for every home this coming winter. Regardless, with its themes of sisterly love and big Broadway barnstormers, you simply can’t avoid the fact that ‘Frozen’ is, well, a bit girly…

Thankfully, the creative spark reignited in Disney since John Lasseter took the Big Boss job looks set to remain alight with ‘Big Hero 6’. Although it’s infuriatingly getting a pre-Xmas release in the States and a post-Xmas release in the UK, the key thing here is that the same creative verve applied to ‘Tangled’, ‘Wreck-It-Ralph’ and, yes, ‘Frozen’ is not in short supply in the movie’s trailer – so it will hopefully be worth the wait!

The promo suggests an idiosyncratic spin on the recent superhero boom with interesting references from Eastern culture. An unkind person who doesn’t enjoy fun might say it looks to be recycling elements from ‘The Incredibles’ and ‘Wall-E’, but if it’s even a tenth as good as those Pixar classics then I’m happy and my faith in the Mickey Mouse Empire shall remain unshaken.

A ‘Toy Story’ Story To Blow Your Mind

Toy Story Andy's Mom

We all know Pixar movies are the best kind of scrummy tiered cake, with lots of layers for each family member to indulge in. But a genius theory from self-proclaimed ‘Pixar detective’ Jon Negroni will have you rushing to the DVD cabinet to watch all three films back-to-back; it’s been doing the rounds on the Internet this past week and hinges on a hat, a forgotten toy and the true identity of Andy’s mom – quite simply, it’s brilliant and you should just do yourself a favour and read the thing in its entirety below…

The True Identity of Andy’s Mom In ‘Toy Story’ Will Blow Your Mind.

Giveaway: Disney Pixar 2014 Annual

Know a kiddy who loves Pixar? Or are you a sensible adult who is equally enamoured by this great studio’s works?

Well, you’re in luck – from ‘Cars’ to ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ back to where it all began with ‘Toy Story’, the official Disney Pixar 2014 Annual covers all the greatest hits and will provide hours of fun and facts for one lucky winner who enters this latest blog giveaway.

pixar annual 2014

As you can see, Buzz and Wall-E are getting pretty possessive but the annual above is waiting to find a home with you. To be in with a chance of winning this Pixar prize, complete with activities your little ones will love and full-colour pics of your favourite characters, simply follow my Twitter page @nicetogeekyou and RT the comp. It’s what Woody and Buzz would do, after all…

Prize giveaway Terms & Conditions
Prize giveaway open to anyone in the UK aged 18 or over. Entry closes 11:59pm on 09/02/2014. One winner will be chosen at random and notified shortly thereafter via Twitter, whereupon a postal address for delivery of prize will be requested. Entry method as described above. The prize is as stated, with no alternative offered unless the advertised prize becomes unavailable. If a response is not received from the selected winner within 7 days, that winner will effectively forfeit his/her prize and another winner will be selected in his/her place. Entry constitutes full and unconditional acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.

Umbrella Crush

The Blue Umbrella

So, today I finally caught Sulley and Mike Wazowski teaming up at college in ‘Monsters University’. The ever-so-trustworthy Pixar delivered once again (hey, I even liked ‘Cars’) so I urge any self-respecting geek to catch this ASAP.

Another reason not to let this one pass you by during its cinema run? Pixar shorts are the cherry on top of a visit to their latest feature presentation, and ‘The Blue Umbrella’ is one of the sweetest five minutes I’ve had the pleasure to witness this year. They’re the masters at making us warm to inanimate objects, and they’ve done it again… Those guys in the vid clip below? I WANT THEM.