Welcome (Back) to Twin Peaks

Fancy some damn good coffee? Well, get the car loaded and logs at the ready because David Lynch’s seminal TV show (and pretty much the blueprint for all influential cult telly) is only getting the revival treatment.

return of twin peaks

^^^ That’s my excited face right now.

So yeah, after some cryptic tweets over the last few days, it has been officially announced that ‘Twin Peaks’ will return for a ‘limited series’ on Showtime in 2016, 25 years after the show ended after two seasons in 1991. Nine new episodes will be written by Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost, with Lynch directing all nine episodes – can I get a WOW or ten?!

All Mondays need news like this from now on – okay, TV gods??

The Last Picture Show

I’ll be bringing you news of 2014’s San Diego Comic-Con later this week, following its weekend wrap-up today.

However, news of an official movie adap of PS3 survival horror hit ‘The Last of Us’ is too exciting not to babble about before then…

maisie williams ellie

Announced at the start of the annual event, which attracts an ever-increasing geek pilgrimage year on year, a movie version of 2013’s ‘Game of the Year’ will be written by the game’s original scripter, potentially star Maisie Williams (Arya Stark herself!) as heroine Ellie, and – most notable for fans of cult movies and gore – will be produced by ‘Spiderman’ and ‘Evil Dead’ helmer, Sam Raimi.

Could this be the turnaround video games have been waiting for when it comes to game-to-screen updates? Sure, it would be nice if the original voice cast could translate to the movie, but the difference in age unfortunately means Ashley Johnson won’t work out as a teen Ellie in Hollywoodland.

Still, the credibility suggested by the CC announcement is enough to get fans tensed up for the nerve-jangling human vs fungus-people zombie apocalypse – even if it’s not out for another couple of years!

Trailer Tuesday: Cane Strain

This week, it’s all about a TV tease for an upcoming show I have high hopes for. We’ve all seen movies where fans of the original book have bemoaned the quality of the screen translation, but for Guillermo Del Toro and Carlton Cuse’s upcoming FX series ‘The Strain’ a hardcore following in waiting has already devoured a trilogy of books like the bloodthirsty infected. Disappointment may result in a real-life apocalypse.

Although no full trailer has been released yet, the teaser campaign has started with the second clip below going for the enigmatic approach (the first tease was of a Manhattan skyline darkening). A cane descends on a city street and is littered with wrapped candy – the silver-tipped cane can only represent the weapon of choice for vampire plague survivor, Abraham Setrakian, who will be played by John Hurt in the show.

For those who haven’t read the books (and even for those who have), the trail doesn’t reveal much but Cuse’s proven TV chops paired with Del Toro’s original vampiric vision will hopefully result in a gory genre classic. ‘The Strain’ is set to debut for a 13-episode run this summer in the States, so look out for more previews soon.

Glutton for Free Reads? Try Spider Mushrooms

We genre fans like to try new things, so this weekend is the perfect time to indulge in something fresh and exciting and, well, spider mushroomy.

spider mushroom gluttony

The first book in talented author Dawn Marshallsay’s new fantasy series ‘The Spider Mushroom Quest’ is available as a FREE download this weekend from Amazon UK. ‘Gluttony’ is a romp that deserves its title, as by the end you’ll be wanting seconds and thirds.

Embark on the journey of Ivy Slaughter, half-human and half-goblin, sent into the world of man to retrieve the stems of a fabled mushroom that will change her into a full-blooded goblin. Her quest will see her attempt to earn seven stems by helping seven individuals overcome the seven deadly sins, but will she go all the way and risk losing her humanity?

Find out, download the first adventure right here.

Opera to Travel Up Brokeback Mountain


We’ll see if she’s still this happy when she walks into the tent…

Opera just got gayer! Yup, Rufus Wainwright’s favourite pastime is going gay with a new operatic version of a Hollywood hit – but no silly sniggering about bum notes, because the adaptation is of sobering Oscar-winning drama ‘Brokeback Mountain’.

Annie Proulx’s novella is perfect tragic material in keeping with the operatic tradition, and the Pulitzer winner has written the libretto for the new theatrical endeavour set to premiere in Madrid later this month.

brokeback mountain opera

The ‘cowboys in love’ saga famously starred Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal and won an Academy Award for director Ang Lee.

The new two-act opera features music by US composer Charles Wuorinen and will run from 28 January until 11 February at the Teatro Real. The project is a revival of an original commission made by the New York Opera in 2008 and is directed by Ivo van Hove.

Here’s to a Geeky 2014

This geek’s been hibernating.

Since my last post, the geek landscape has gone through some significant changes: we’ve witnessed the launch of not one but two next-gen consoles (and I own neither, tut), Doctor Who regenerating and celebrating his big birthday (not in that order), Buffy’s debut on Twitter (@TheRealSMG if you didn’t already know), and Bilbo swapping Gollum for Smaug in the second ‘Hobbit’ movie.

Because that’s just the tip of the geeky iceberg, I feel like it’s time I got on top of all the latest genre news and pop culture shake-ups by returning to the blog and giving you all the latest in geek.

This week, I’ll be running down the 14 things to be excited about in 2014 from movies, games, books, music & more. However, to see in the New Year, I’m happy to announce my first prize giveaway. Simply head over to my Twitter page (@nicetogeekyou), follow and retweet, and while you’re there feel free to tell me the top geeky thing you’re excited about this year – one lucky winner will be selected at random and win a hardback copy of ‘Batman: The World of the Dark Knight’ from Penguin Books.

Holy cow, Batman!

competition prize

Prize giveaway Terms & Conditions
Prize giveaway open to anyone in the UK aged 18 or over. Entry closes 11:59pm on 19/01/2014. One winner will be chosen at random and notified shortly thereafter via Twitter, whereupon a postal address for delivery of prize will be requested. Entry methods as stated above. The prize is as stated, with no alternative offered unless the advertised prize becomes unavailable. If a response is not received from the selected winner within 7 days, that winner will effectively forfeit his/her prize and another winner will be selected in his/her place. Entry constitutes full and unconditional acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.

Batman Returns As Beetlejuice?

The ghost with the most may return to make my millennium, if reports are to be believed. Yup, Tim Burton is in talks with Michael Keaton to reprise the latter’s role for a sequel to ‘Beetlejuice’. Ooh-er!

Sure, naysayers may poo-poo the idea and I’d hope the original’s use of Harryhausen-style practical effects would not be displaced by shiny CGI, but I’m in the ‘pro’ camp. And if they don’t get Keaton to sign on, I vote Russell Brand put on his best stripy suit and go all-out zany in his place. Say it with me: Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetle…


American Psycho Doctor

Apologise for the hacket job below, but a hacket job really is on theme.

matt smith in american psycho

Fresh from news that Ben Affleck is to take over a role he made truly iconic, Christian Bale’s celluloid rendering of ‘American Psycho’ is to get a stage revamp by none other than frickin’ Doctor Who. Poor Affleck, as this casting twist has been a hit with fans who have flocked for tickets to the stage show of Bret Easton Ellis’s most controversial novel.

Hopefully, it will get an extended run as most of the initial December/January dates at London’s Almeida Theatre are already sold out. Which is news enough to get one’s nail gun from out the cupboard, or at least to axe some poor sop to death during a Huey Lewis & The News number. I wonder what the music will bring to the production, but Matt doing Ellis already has me more than intrigued.