Fuck You for the Music

Lucky enough to be spending summer in New York? After you’ve spent way too much time perusing the shelves of Midtown Comics, make sure you pick up a hot ticket for the fantastic ‘Fucking Up Everything’, an off-Broadway show that plays to the hearts of geeky romantics everywhere.

Having recently had the pleasure to catch a performance, I can safely say it’s a charmer. Imagine ‘How I Met Your Mother’ sidling up to ‘Scott Pilgrim’, only with more songs, hipster jokes, cool T-shirts, saucy shenanigans and a healthy dose of ukulele. Oh, and puppets – do not forget the puppets.

Running throughout the summer at the Elektra Theatre, FUE will put a spring in your step with catchy tunes that I eagerly await to be available on CD. #GetYourHeartOn