Pink Wednesday

happy birthday mean girls

Raise your hand if you LOVE ‘Mean Girls’. Well, duh! The eighties had ‘Heathers’, the nineties had ‘Clueless’ but the Lindsay Lohan noughties generation had ‘Mean Girls’ – and today the so-fetch teen pic classic celebrates its 10th birthday!

Feeling old? LiLo surely feels a bit worse, so ignore advancing age and settle down on this Pink Wednesday (because we wear pink on Wednesdays, okay?!) to revel in the sassy, snarky 10 year-old meanie. Tina Fey’s one-liners stand up as well as anything from ’30 Rock’ so crack on (say crack again) and enjoy – making out with a hot dog during = entirely optional.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You go, Glen Coco!!