Mommy Dearest

greta gerwig

I was in spin-off ‘stormproofing’ mode upon the announcement that ‘How I Met Your Mother’ was getting a post-script show following the resolution to Ted Mosby’s 9-year search for the future mother of his kids. The hit CBS comedy ends this spring in the US and its last season has finally begun airing on E4, but the news of its timely departure (there’s only so long impatient teens can put up with Dad jabbering on about slap bets and attack-ready goats, right?) was not long followed by murmurings of a new story told from the female perspective.

As the original announcement confirmed ‘HIMYM’ creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas would be on board, all signs pointed towards the show focusing on Ted’s eventual wifey and how she came about meeting Ted and picking up that yellow umbrella. Sigh. UNTIL… last week, when Greta Gerwig was confirmed as the lead and NOT the future Mrs Mosby. Now that’s what you call a casting coup in Sitcom Land.

Known to indie movie fans as the offbeat actress who lent her unique talents to the likes of ‘Greenberg’, ‘Damsels In Distress’ and last year’s ‘Frances Ha’, Gerwig is hopefully a sign that ‘How I Met Your Dad’ (there’s your title) will be something to actually look forward to rather than begrudgingly sit through due to some sense of loyalty to the ol’ MacLarens crew.

The pilot will be shot in Los Angeles with a full NYC-based series (how very ‘Girls’) to follow if successfully picked up. With Emily Spivey’s confirmed involvement – following the cancellation of the underrated ‘Up All Night’ – and word that Gerwig will also be involved behind-the-scenes, the project is certainly taking a step in the right direction – away from ‘Joey’.

14 for 2014: Meeting Mother

Forget Sheldon and co, this is something to ‘bazinga’ over in 2014: the end of ‘How I Met Your Mother’, after nine seasons of consistent sitcom laughs.

Sure, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ draws the big US ratings and Sheldon-alikes in droves, but in its own way ‘HIMYM’ is a comedy just as tailor-made for us geeks. With loveable loser-in-love Tim Mosby our guide through the trials and tribulations of its characters, ‘HIMYM’ has rewarded the faithful with in-jokes, callbacks and a twisty-turvy backwards narrative that it would take a PhD to put together.

The final season (despite inevitable chit-chat about spin-offs and the like, hmmm) looks set to be the ultimate treat for fans as it promises to tie up the central conceit of the show: the who, when, why, where and how of mommy Mosby. The trip down memory lane has already commenced in the States, but UK fans can expect the show to return for its final run in the next few weeks. Legend-wait for it-dary!

Last year’s US trailer to give you a taste:

Bye to Bon Temps

true blood
Fangbangers everywhere must be crying into their bottle of Tru Blood upon hearing the confirmation from HBO that cult show ‘True Blood’ is getting staked at the end of its seventh year in 2014. Look above, Sookie and Eric are in bits!

I can’t say I’m that surprised; I’ve enjoyed a spot of Sookie, slaying and sex (lots of sex) down in Bon Temps ever since its 2008 breakthrough, but it feels like the show has lost its teeth at times, especially during its fourth year. The departure of Alan Ball last year was surely a sign that the show was starting to wind down – but following the announcement, I do have to wonder where else fans will be able to find such a wild mix of raunch, gore and wildly irreverent humour (not to mention a slew of ‘F’ and ‘C’ bombs) on TV today? Sure, there are many great cult shows on HBO, but how many of them feature werewolves shagging fairies?

UK fans who didn’t stream the current run can look forward to the start of the sixth season on FX in a few weeks. Teaser trailer below:

Comic-Con Next Year, Anyone?

It’s not over yet but this year’s San Diego Comic-Con looks set to be a vintage one. In less than a week since I started this blog, we now know that Karen Gillan has shaved her lovely ginger locks for her role in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, Superman and Batman are teaming up for an ‘Avengers’-style tag-team in 2015, and Tom Hiddleston likes to dress up as Loki and command people to kneel in his spare time. Whatever floats your boat.

As well as that, the ‘S.H.I.E.L.D’ pilot showed to rave reviews, ‘X Men’ cast members old and new showed up in support of next year’s ‘Days of Future Past’, the ‘Veronica Mars’ cast reunited for a panel on the new movie, and ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 aired its first trailer with things looking as grim, miserable and gruesomely enjoyable as ever.

I’m already dreaming of a 2014 where there is a chance I am in attendance, but until then I can geek out over the fan-baiting scraps of news, info and footage resulting from this year’s biggest geek get-together. One of my fave treats to emerge so far? This piss-take clip from the ‘How I Met Your Mother’ crew ahead of the show’s ninth season series finale next year: