Art On a Roll

When pop meets culture, you get heroically good art work like that created by Brian C. Roll. The New Jersey artist and all-round creative brain may not have prints from his portfolio hanging in The Louvre but, if you register even just a #1 on the geek-o-meter, you’ll agree that this guy’s skills are super – just like his subjects!

Brian’s Odyssey Art site collects together his ‘who’s who’ gallery of pop culture icons, many of whom will be familiar to all you genre junkies, but all in his own unique artistic style.

brian c. roll - odyssey art
odyssey art

Thinking about doing some interior decorating? Luckily for those of us who don’t have his skill with a line, some of Roll’s most eye-catching work (including the Serenity crew above) can be bought from his online store.

And that’s not all. As his interpretations of classic pop culture heroes would suggest, Roll has a distinct eye for character and his very own good and bad guys will be discovered soon when his forthcoming Kickstarter-funded project ‘The Circle’ comes full circle. Can’t wait!

Trailer Tuesday: Harry’s Pixie Dream Girl

What if Harry Potter was the lead in a ‘500 Days of Summer’ style hipster rom-com featuring a proven manic pixie dream girl?

The trailer for ‘What If’ looks like it could be a charmer, or it could be one of those that goes the other way by showing the best bits in the three minute promo. However, with Daniel Radcliffe continuing to make interesting lo-fi choices, and paired alongside ‘Ruby Sparks’s Zoe Kazan as the love interest and ‘Girls’s Adam Driver as the best friend (in a pre-stratosphere role before his showing in the new ‘Star Wars’), ‘What If’ does show some sweet promise.

What do you think, geeks??