Trailer Tuesday: There Be Monsters… Again

Okay, so Gareth Edwards may not be behind the camera (he was a wee bit busy wrangling that Godzilla fella), but a sequel to the director’s monstrous indie hit is very much welcome – and here’s a trailer to get us rubbing our slimy tentacles together in anticipation.

‘Monsters: Dark Continent’ is directed by Tom Green and looks like ‘The Hurt Locker’ spliced with a B-movie of epic proportions – but don’t take my word for it, simply press play…

Trailer Tuesday: #OMGodzilla

This new behemoth of a trailer for Gareth Edwards’s ‘Godzilla’ reboot certainly erases all memory of Jamiroquai going ‘deeper underground’, right?

A big ROARRRR of approval ahead of the May release date. #OMGodzilla