Lust for New Fran Kranz Romance

A new trailer dropped this week for a romantic comedy that will no doubt appeal to Whedonverse geeks – but, after watching the clip, it’s hard to see how it won’t appeal to all film fans tired with romcoms.

Led by the affably daffy Fran Kranz and fellow ‘Dollhouse’ alum Dichen Lachman, director/writer Anton King’s ‘Lust for Love’ is promising a fresh indie spin on the ol’ lovelorn boy meets feisty girl format.

For the geeks who don’t do ‘girly’, then you may be swayed by appearances by the likes of Felicia Day and Enver Gjokaj, making it a love-in so full of Whedon wonders that it’s surprising Joss isn’t masterminding the whole thing himself.