Nailing It

I’m not a girl, just putting that out there. I’m lacking the requisite lady lumps to ever be mistaken for a ‘girl geek’.

But lemme tell you, if I were firmly placed in the femme category, the nifty new nail collab between designer Henry Holland and Elegant Touch would be right up my street – and right on my talons! Hell, I might even buy these anyway just to confuse people.

More over at Vogue, which I hear has some wise things to say about fashion or something.

house of holland

Love L!ve

News to brighten up Monday: Lacoste has revealed its latest Lacoste Live (or, P!nk-style, Lacoste L!ve) collection. I’m a big fan and, although this season’s looks are not quite as colourful and quirky as perhaps they’ve been in the past, they still offer an original and geek-friendly spin on the popular brand’s preppy aesthetic.

Check out the Lacoste collection. I’ve picked out just a few highlights below – sweet, yeah??

lacoste l!ve

App Pop

applause Artpop

Yesterday, Lady Gaga teased her new single ‘Applause’. Cue Little Monsters everywhere sharpening their claws ready to put them in the air come 19th August, the single’s due date. Of course, this being Germanotta (a gal whose fashion toolkit includes every colour, including ‘geek’ at its most chic), the visuals are just as important and so said tease came in the form of stills, both of the single’s cover and accompanying artwork for third album ‘Artpop’. Very ‘Dazed & Confused’, dontcha think?

Perhaps more intriguingly, ‘Artpop’ will also be ‘app’ pop. Following in the wake of Jay-Z’s Samsung-only ‘Magna Carter’ app and Bjork’s ‘Biophilia’ adventure, Gaga will get her fans tapping on their smartphones and iPads to experience an album that she calls a ‘project’. In a statement released with the stills, the Lady herself said: “ARTPOP will be released as an IPAD, iPhone, mobile and computer compatible application (WORLD) that is completely interactive with chats, films for every song, extra music, content, gaga inspired games, fashion updates, magazines, and more still in the works!”

Pretty geek-friendly, huh? It gets me thinking, in ten years’ time will every major label album release have a bedfellow app? Are we at risk of the music becoming secondary to the visuals? Will we have to reach level 670 of ‘Candy Crush’ to unlock an elusive bonus album track? Who knows? Either way, I know two things that are completely conflicting: a) I look forward to Gaga’s latest madcap messin’ of the pop landscape, app and all, and b) I kinda miss the simplicity of vinyl or, hell, even CDs.

Be a Chic Geek

Last summer, I wrote a post for cool menswear blog CEFashion on how to build an ensemble that intertwines geek with chic. Casting my eye back over my summary, I can say it pretty much still stands – which suggests braces, bowties and Batman beanies are here to stay.

Geek Chic

What’s your favourite geek chic accessory? Do you take your cues from a particular A-lister who sports chunky frames and an evil villain moustache? Get geekin’ in the comment box, peeps.

Oh, and have a read.

May the Shorts Be With You

Short Cut

Man, if only I had the legs to rock these…

Pretty nifty, right? If your style is girl-gone-geek, take a short cut to the next level with these insanely cool shorts from Short Cut. Custom-made by Charlie, a superhero designer with all the right credentials, these are sure to stand out from the crowd this summer.

Check out the Short Cut website for super sci-fi shorts and more.

A Bite Out of Fashion

lazy oaf shark shirt

Following their awesome Batman range last summer, I have been crushing hard on colourful Brit fashion label, Lazy Oaf. The bold prints are almost as BAM-POW! kick-ass as your favourite comic panels, and luckily for us the new collections are on the horizon.

Top of the want/NEED wishlist is the shark shirt above, which takes inspiration from Spielberg’s bloody-waters classic but I have to say I’d be quite happy if someone bought the entire collection for me. Other top picks highlighted below, and the womenswear collection is as cool, quirky and unapologetically loud as ever too! Check out the website here: