Halloween Countdown – Costume Inspiration #2

victor and sparky

Attending this year’s big Halloween bash with a pal? Make it man’s best friend by taking tips from Tim Burton’s ‘Frankenweenie’, the tale of a budding young scientist and his beloved – and decidedly dead – dog.

Dress up in your best ‘mad scientist’ garb to embody Victor, that’s the easy part. For Sparky the dog? Either add some well-placed stitches and a fake neck bolt to your beloved pup OR if you have an up-for-it friend, tell them not to have a shower for the next two days (for that authentic been-in-the-ground smell) and get them in their best doggy onesy. Just add a lead and you’re done!

Halloween Countdown – Costume Inspiration #3

In a week when he might be honoured this year’s Mercury Music Prize, David Bowie could prove to be a very on-trend costume choice this Halloween. But then again, hasn’t the Thin White Duke’s flamboyant approach to glam-rock always welcomed copycats inspired by his look?

Bless Lady Gaga, but she’ll do well to create even half of the iconic looks emblazoned in our minds by Bowie. Ziggy Stardust and his lightning-bolt makeup are always ripe for a redo, so why not give the famous alien alter-ego a zombie twist for a spooky Halloween theme? Alternatively, you could go full-on Goblin King and smuggle a budgie or five in your tights as ‘Labyrinth’s iconic villain. The power of the babe, indeed…

ziggy stardust

Halloween Countdown – Costume Inspiration #4

The great thing about being a video gamer AND a girl? You have some great options for cosplay chic or, of course, Halloween dress-up. Sure, us guys can dress up as Pyramid Head for super scare factor but how the hell are you meant to enjoy a drink with a big-ass pyramid on your head?!

Meanwhile ladies, thanks to Lara Croft your options are fun without requiring crazy headgear. American McGee’s bloodier take on Alice and zombie-slaying cheerleader Juliet from ‘Lollipop Chainsaw’ are just two ready-made heroines perfect for Halloween.

alice lollipop chainsaw

Halloween Countdown – Costume Inspiration #5

return to oz wheelers

Halloween roller disco to attend? Sure, Artie from ‘Glee’ and Heather Graham’s famed Roller Girl are both viable choices, but if you want something with real scare factor then look no further than the childhood-scarring Wheelers from a decidedly darker Oz.

If you saw ‘Return to Oz’ between the ages of 5 and 10 since its 1985 release, then you’ll know what I mean. Recreating the wheeled devils may take some skill and coordination, but do it right and you’ll be the hit of Halloween. Beware the Wheelers, indeed.

Halloween Countdown – Costume Inspiration #6

Want a costume that’s so hot right now AND rather horny? Go loco and make it Loki.

With part 2 of the ‘Thor’ saga out next week, Tom Hiddleston’s super villain with a ‘little brother’ complex is totes on trend and you’re less likely to run into a carbon copy, whereas my Spider-sense (keeping it Marvel) is tingling and telling me there will be plenty of Thors wielding hammers this Halloween.

Ergo: rise, puny Gods!

loki thor

Halloween Countdown – Costume Inspiration #8

Whether you’re attending a Halloween hoedown in a cabin in the woods or not, why not take dress-up inspiration from ‘Cabin in the Woods’? Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon’s meta-horror comedy spewed up a range of fantastical creatures to spice up a spooky shindig, from homicidal unicorns to Hellraiser types.

But hands-down winner? The mythical merman, who is a touch more terrifying than Ariel’s papa and will make a great party piece if you’re not afraid to go the gruesome route. Check out those teeth!

cabin in the woods

Halloween Countdown – Costume Inspiration #9

hocus pocus

The greatest Halloween movie of all time? Quite possibly. Sorry, Carpenter.

If you’re a ’90s kid, you’ll know what I mean. And now that the ’90s is the new ’80s, why not ‘Hocus Pocus’ up your Halloween cozzy? Girls, go sexy bug-munching SJP; guys and gays, drag it up as Bette Midler or Kathy Najimy (hoover not optional). If you have a black cat, bring him along to the party as Binks and don’t forget your booooooook.

All together now: dead man’s toe, dead man’s toe!