The Last Picture Show

I’ll be bringing you news of 2014’s San Diego Comic-Con later this week, following its weekend wrap-up today.

However, news of an official movie adap of PS3 survival horror hit ‘The Last of Us’ is too exciting not to babble about before then…

maisie williams ellie

Announced at the start of the annual event, which attracts an ever-increasing geek pilgrimage year on year, a movie version of 2013’s ‘Game of the Year’ will be written by the game’s original scripter, potentially star Maisie Williams (Arya Stark herself!) as heroine Ellie, and – most notable for fans of cult movies and gore – will be produced by ‘Spiderman’ and ‘Evil Dead’ helmer, Sam Raimi.

Could this be the turnaround video games have been waiting for when it comes to game-to-screen updates? Sure, it would be nice if the original voice cast could translate to the movie, but the difference in age unfortunately means Ashley Johnson won’t work out as a teen Ellie in Hollywoodland.

Still, the credibility suggested by the CC announcement is enough to get fans tensed up for the nerve-jangling human vs fungus-people zombie apocalypse – even if it’s not out for another couple of years!

14 for 2014: Con-apalooza and Pyramid Stage Fire

I’m not even halfway when it comes to my selection of the top things to look out for in 2014 – lotsa treats to come, including the two below. Get yer diaries out!

You may have already planned your con schedule for 2014 but the rising profile of geek-friendly conventions in the UK means that there’s more choice than ever! Whether you’re itching to go full cosplay wielding a lightsaber or are just curious to dip your toes in the growing pool of genre get-togethers, there’s an event for you. From show-specific shindigs to all-encompassing geek-outs, you’ll find the one: for me, it’s Birmingham Comic-Con and Memorabilia – and I may just join fellow worshippers at Hallowhedon this year! Have fun, ya big nerds.

conventions 2014

Unless you’re lucky enough to get a Golden Ticket in spring’s resale, you won’t be going to Glastonbury this year if you didn’t snap up a ticket last year. However, thanks to comprehensive coverage, you can experience Worthy Farm’s wonders without worrying about your next trip to the loo. With the likes of Prince and Madonna in the frame (I’m jumping the fence if this happens), it’s set to continue holding the crown as the UK’s/world’s best festival.

So far, Arcade Fire are signed up to head the Pyramid Stage. Make sure you book your summer hol either side of the big weekend so you can chill out with some frosty beers in the comfort of your living room – won’t this sound great on the Pyramid/your TV??

Who’s Not There

Ooh-er. Don’t upset a Whovian, especially when the 50th anniversary is coming up.

A certain devout subset of ‘Doctor Who’ fans are a bit peeved that an exclusive (and apparently super-awesome-shiny) trailer was debuted at San Diego Comic-Con and yet has not since been made available online. I guess I can understand why the UK ‘Who’ followers are annoyed that the Yanks get a peek before us, seeing as it is a Brit institution. Butttt, I’m all for keeping things a bit of a mystery – sure, a tease is nice but wouldn’t it be great to know nothing about the special before it airs in November? Doubt that’s gonna happen, so let’s just enjoy the mystique a little bit longer.

Also, if this hadn’t happened, we wouldn’t have got this awesome little vid from TheBritishCupOfTea. Teehee!

Comic-Con Next Year, Anyone?

It’s not over yet but this year’s San Diego Comic-Con looks set to be a vintage one. In less than a week since I started this blog, we now know that Karen Gillan has shaved her lovely ginger locks for her role in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, Superman and Batman are teaming up for an ‘Avengers’-style tag-team in 2015, and Tom Hiddleston likes to dress up as Loki and command people to kneel in his spare time. Whatever floats your boat.

As well as that, the ‘S.H.I.E.L.D’ pilot showed to rave reviews, ‘X Men’ cast members old and new showed up in support of next year’s ‘Days of Future Past’, the ‘Veronica Mars’ cast reunited for a panel on the new movie, and ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 aired its first trailer with things looking as grim, miserable and gruesomely enjoyable as ever.

I’m already dreaming of a 2014 where there is a chance I am in attendance, but until then I can geek out over the fan-baiting scraps of news, info and footage resulting from this year’s biggest geek get-together. One of my fave treats to emerge so far? This piss-take clip from the ‘How I Met Your Mother’ crew ahead of the show’s ninth season series finale next year: