Dead Mouse

Ever wondered what ‘Die Hard’ would have been like if it was set in Disneyland? Well, thanks to recently published graphic novel ‘Ricky Rouse Has a Gun’, you no longer have to. Sorta.

This rip-roaring yarn is a deviant little book – in all the best ways. Jörg Tittel and John Aggs have crafted a satirical story with bite in it’s hero’s mousey teeth: not to mention gunfire and bloodshed in abundance. Despite its central character’s, erm, resemblance to a famous mouse, this is definitely not bedtime reading for kids.

ricky rouse graphic novel

So, what’s the story? Down-on-his-luck soldier Rick is lying low in Shanghai when he crosses paths with Hucheng, an entrepreneur who owns a Chinese theme park that is decidedly similar to the US’s most culturally significant amusement parks. Out of the job and desperate to support his estranged daughter, Rick becomes ‘Ricky Rouse’ and joins the park’s existing staff, all of whom are versions of some of the world’s most familiar fictional characters.

However, when a rogue band of costumed creeps take the theme park hostage on Christmas Day, Ricky Rouse has to come to the aid of both its patrons and his visiting family. Cue bullets and ultra-violence – happy Christmas!

As well as sly political undertones regarding Western-Chinese relations, the commentary on attitudes to political property is defiantly on-the-nose. Above all though, it’s a fun romp with a wicked streak of anarchic humour, Tittel’s snarky dialogue backed up by Aggs’s blood-soaked, rampaging visuals.

selfmadehero 'ricky rouse'

Published by SelfMadeHero, ‘Ricky Rouse Has a Gun’ is available now – and just waiting to give you a good time.

Pink Wednesday

happy birthday mean girls

Raise your hand if you LOVE ‘Mean Girls’. Well, duh! The eighties had ‘Heathers’, the nineties had ‘Clueless’ but the Lindsay Lohan noughties generation had ‘Mean Girls’ – and today the so-fetch teen pic classic celebrates its 10th birthday!

Feeling old? LiLo surely feels a bit worse, so ignore advancing age and settle down on this Pink Wednesday (because we wear pink on Wednesdays, okay?!) to revel in the sassy, snarky 10 year-old meanie. Tina Fey’s one-liners stand up as well as anything from ’30 Rock’ so crack on (say crack again) and enjoy – making out with a hot dog during = entirely optional.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You go, Glen Coco!!

Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back Live

Kevin Smith fans, rejoice! Kevin Smith fans who worship the director’s cult heroes Jay and Silent Bob, rejoice further – for the ‘Clerks’ helmer is bringing his two most enduring characters to the UK.

Join Smith and Jay aka Jason Mewes on one of five dates in the UK, which will see the duo front a screening of their new animated movie ‘Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie’ then host an onstage Q&A and a live recording of fan favourite podcast, Hollywood Babble-On.

jay and silent bob live

The dates – in Birmingham, London, Bristol, Manchester and Dublin – promise to deliver a riotous evening of laughs for those in attendance, whether hardcore Smith fans or budding independent filmmakers looking to make their own ‘Clerks’-like start in the movie business.

The newly announced dates follow Smith’s tour of UK cinemas in support of ‘Red State’ back in 2011, and are sure to be memorable – so don’t delay, snap up your ticket when they go on sale tomorrow. More info here.

Mommy Dearest

greta gerwig

I was in spin-off ‘stormproofing’ mode upon the announcement that ‘How I Met Your Mother’ was getting a post-script show following the resolution to Ted Mosby’s 9-year search for the future mother of his kids. The hit CBS comedy ends this spring in the US and its last season has finally begun airing on E4, but the news of its timely departure (there’s only so long impatient teens can put up with Dad jabbering on about slap bets and attack-ready goats, right?) was not long followed by murmurings of a new story told from the female perspective.

As the original announcement confirmed ‘HIMYM’ creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas would be on board, all signs pointed towards the show focusing on Ted’s eventual wifey and how she came about meeting Ted and picking up that yellow umbrella. Sigh. UNTIL… last week, when Greta Gerwig was confirmed as the lead and NOT the future Mrs Mosby. Now that’s what you call a casting coup in Sitcom Land.

Known to indie movie fans as the offbeat actress who lent her unique talents to the likes of ‘Greenberg’, ‘Damsels In Distress’ and last year’s ‘Frances Ha’, Gerwig is hopefully a sign that ‘How I Met Your Dad’ (there’s your title) will be something to actually look forward to rather than begrudgingly sit through due to some sense of loyalty to the ol’ MacLarens crew.

The pilot will be shot in Los Angeles with a full NYC-based series (how very ‘Girls’) to follow if successfully picked up. With Emily Spivey’s confirmed involvement – following the cancellation of the underrated ‘Up All Night’ – and word that Gerwig will also be involved behind-the-scenes, the project is certainly taking a step in the right direction – away from ‘Joey’.

Boyle’s Babylon

Danny Boyle’s ‘national treasure’ status following London 2012 meant that no-one really paid any mind when his first post-Olympics film ‘Trance’ fell over the first hurdle at the box office. He is, after all, the genius that brought us ‘Trainspotting’, ‘127 Hours’, ’28 Days Later’ and so on and so forth. And I haven’t yet seen ‘Trance’ – could be great!

I have to say though the trailer for new TV venture ‘Babylon’ is a much more exciting proposition. First off, Oscar winner Boyle’s transition to TV is in itself a curveball. Second of all, ‘Babylon’ looks off the hook mental.

A plot of any sort is hard to make out, although terror attacks in London and political and policial ramifications look set to be given a satirical slant with trademark black humour returning Boyle to his rock ‘n’ roll roots. Boyle draws in the top talent, with the likes of James Nesbitt and indie darling Brit Marling (yup, she of the exceptionally good ‘Another Earth’) heading up the cast – but Boyle himself was drawn by ‘Peep Show’ and ‘Fresh Meat’ creators Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong, which makes this sojourn to Babylon even more promising.

The madcap fun and games begin Sunday night on Channel 4.

14 for 2014: Meeting Mother

Forget Sheldon and co, this is something to ‘bazinga’ over in 2014: the end of ‘How I Met Your Mother’, after nine seasons of consistent sitcom laughs.

Sure, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ draws the big US ratings and Sheldon-alikes in droves, but in its own way ‘HIMYM’ is a comedy just as tailor-made for us geeks. With loveable loser-in-love Tim Mosby our guide through the trials and tribulations of its characters, ‘HIMYM’ has rewarded the faithful with in-jokes, callbacks and a twisty-turvy backwards narrative that it would take a PhD to put together.

The final season (despite inevitable chit-chat about spin-offs and the like, hmmm) looks set to be the ultimate treat for fans as it promises to tie up the central conceit of the show: the who, when, why, where and how of mommy Mosby. The trip down memory lane has already commenced in the States, but UK fans can expect the show to return for its final run in the next few weeks. Legend-wait for it-dary!

Last year’s US trailer to give you a taste:

The Fat Gleek Has Sung, Showchoir is Cancelled

There will be no encore for ‘Glee’ after next year’s sixth season.

Show creator Ryan Murphy confirmed the curtain will fall on the award-winning musical comedy following its 2014-15 season, a decision that has no doubt been influenced by the untimely death of male lead Cory Monteith.

Currently in its fifth season, the show about a bunch of misfit showchoir geeks singing to survive teen angst will be missed – but not sorely, as the latest couple of seasons have lacked the subversive qualities, witty retorts and zeitgeist zippiness that the first two displayed. Still, where will I get a weekly dose of Jane Lynch on TV now?!

glee ends after season 6

Buffy’s New Dad

the crazy ones
Ah, Buffy Summers. She had some crazy moments on that show, as the picture above doth testify (even though *technically* she’s Faith in that pic), but things are about to get a whole lot crazier for the one and only SMG.

Depending on how you look at it, Buffy’s new dad is the genie from Aladdin. Or Mrs Doubtfire. Or, God help us, Patch Adams. Yup, it has been announced that Gellar will take second billing in new CBS comedy show ‘The Crazy Ones’, marking Robin Williams’ return to TV. Heck, it’s gotta be better than ‘Ringer’.

Get a taster for the premise – father/daughter contend with screwball situations at their ad company, with added Kelly Clarkson (!) – by checking out the preview below. And yes, that is Sarah Michelle Gellar letting a punch fly within the first few seconds: BUFFY’S BACK, BITCHE$!

Fuck You for the Music

Lucky enough to be spending summer in New York? After you’ve spent way too much time perusing the shelves of Midtown Comics, make sure you pick up a hot ticket for the fantastic ‘Fucking Up Everything’, an off-Broadway show that plays to the hearts of geeky romantics everywhere.

Having recently had the pleasure to catch a performance, I can safely say it’s a charmer. Imagine ‘How I Met Your Mother’ sidling up to ‘Scott Pilgrim’, only with more songs, hipster jokes, cool T-shirts, saucy shenanigans and a healthy dose of ukulele. Oh, and puppets – do not forget the puppets.

Running throughout the summer at the Elektra Theatre, FUE will put a spring in your step with catchy tunes that I eagerly await to be available on CD. #GetYourHeartOn