Beyond Teen Movies

What’s a Geek to watch at the cinema as we approach the end of January? There’s actually a reason to turn off Netflix as we have this weekend’s ‘Ex_Machina’ (robot-lady ethical thriller penned by the excellent Alex Garland) prior to next weekend’s big Disney release ‘Big Hero 6’ (kinda-robot blow-up ‘healer’ thang develops friendship with young boy). I want them both, I want them now.

ex_machina big hero 6
But, oh, wait – what’s this?! If you’re a fan of teen movies (and who isn’t?!) then there’s one other film you HAVE to make time for this week or next.

‘Beyond Clueless’, a documentary by Charlie Lyne and narrated by Fairuza Balk (any ‘The Craft’ fans up in heya?!), documents the classic teen flicks of days gone by (the good, the bad, the cult and everything in between), recognising their place in pop culture and what they have to say about those brilliant/horrible years we’re all subjected to.

I’ll always have a special place in my heart for the weirdos who hang about on the fringes – everything from ‘Heathers’ and ‘Rushmore’ to ‘Donnie Darko’ and, of course, ‘The Breakfast Club’ – but I enjoy a mediocre teen flick generally as much as I’ll enjoy a fantastic entry in any other genre. And, as I get older, I still find enjoyment in the likes of ‘Mean Girls’, ‘Easy A’ and ‘Detention’, sharper and funnier than most comedies aimed at so-called adults.

‘Beyond Clueless’, with its equally enticing soundtrack from the undervalued (and John Hughes-indebted) Summer Camp, KNOWS that the teen movie is the underdog of the genre world – and this is its moment to shine at prom, taking the Homecoming title sans bucket o’ pig’s blood. Catch the trailer below then hunt down a screening, you Veronica you!

The New Iggy

iggy azalea

You need look no further if you seek a twerk-worthy summer soundtrack, for Iggy Azalea’s debut album ‘The New Classic’ works and twerks its way into UK record stores come Monday. If you have a read of my TMF Iggy Azalea review, you’ll see I don’t totally agree with that cocky title but there is definitely a lot to like about the blonde babe rapper – and a chunk of good songs to bounce your booty to all summer long.

Of course, new single ‘Fancy’ (featuring Charlie XCX, she who lent her pop nous to last year’s Icona Pop smash ‘I Love It’) is the highlight of the album and you’ll have likely seen the totes amaze video already. If you haven’t, check out Iggy’s pop at ’90s classic ‘Clueless’ below – it’s note perfect and sure to raise a smile on any total Betty who grew up with Valley Girl Cher. Doesn’t hurt that it’s a choon, either!