Happy Björk-day!

Those naughty hackers. Nowadays, a ‘leak’ isn’t necessarily a household disaster or an embarrassing bodily malfunction (Geek forbid!); nope, it’s just as likely to refer to the illegal file-sharing of new music from A-list artists, and not necessarily the intended final versions of the songs. Madonna found out the hard way when new tracks from this year’s  ‘Rebel Heart’ were first heard in demo form when she was the victim of one such leak late last year.

Björk Vulnicura
Sometimes though, despite the whole violation-of-the-artist thing, it does actually work out for music fans. Following pre-release circulation of songs from her new album ‘Vulnicura’, Björk today rush-released the album in its entirety on iTunes to beat the hackers at their own game – no doubt pleasing her legion of fans in the process. If the music is out there illegally, why prolong the wait for the genuine music lovers who still BUY the bloody stuff?

A ‘heartbreak’ album with the Icelandic singer’s usual sonic shape-shifting twist, ‘Vulnicura’ is one of the year’s must-listens. I know I’m off to iTunes right after I post this – you too?

The Nature of Geekdom

When Björk Met Attenborough

Does anything more need to be said following a picture like that?! In a display of ‘Possibly Maybe’ the geekiest meeting of minds ever, Björk will chat the shit with Sir David Attenborough in tonight’s C4 doc ‘When Björk Met Attenborough: The Nature of Music’.

Following 2011’s nature-inspired album ‘Biophilia’, the Icelandic swan-wearing pixie who sang ‘Human Behaviour’ will join Sir Dave, he who seemingly knows all about the behaviours of every non-human species. It promises to be an oddball geek treat, so make sure you catch it at 7pm.

Personally, I’m looking forward to Lady Gaga talking cosmology with Professor Brian Cox. Make it happen?