Trailer Tuesday: Gone Baby Gone (Gurlll)

It always seems like the hot literary properties David Fincher turns his directorial talents to have a habit of passing me by.

‘Fight Club’ was my introduction to the world of the crazy-good Chuck Palahniuk in 1999, and it wasn’t too far back that his spin on Lizzy Salander (expertly played by Rooney Mara) gave Stieg Larrson’s bestseller ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ a Hollywood remake that was, in true Fincher style, pitch black un-Hollywood.

His next movie turns to a similarly much-loved novel with a titular ‘Girl’ – and, similarly, I seem to be the only person who has access to Amazon/Waterstones who hasn’t read it. Gillian Flynn’s page-turner is a keep-you-guessing thriller that promises to mess with the reader’s mind – apparently, anyway, or that’s what all my friends who keep a commute-ready copy in their bag tell me.

With Fincher involved, plus an intriguing cast led by Batman Ben Affleck, Brit babe Rosamund Pike in what promises to be her true Hollywood breakout and Neil Patrick Harris swapping Broadway and sitcoms to give good creep, I am IN. But maybe I’ll read the book first before anyone can spoil the ending – who wants to lend me a copy? Anyone?

Daredevil 2?

Justice League fanboys may be bemoaning the lack of justice, but it’s official: Ben Affleck is the new Batman! Yup. There he is, all moody and ‘hey, I can out-Bale Bale’. And there’s some pointy fingers because, erm, yeah… he’s Batman, he can do what he wants.


Remember ‘Daredevil’? Eesh. But Affleck (or should that be Batffleck) has come a long way since those ropey days, and has this year’s Best Director Oscar for ‘Argo’ to prove it. But is he the man to don the Dark Knight’s cowl? We’ll find out in 2015.