Once Upon a Little Mermaid

once upon a little mermaid
Making a big splash on the upcoming third season of ABC’s fairytale drama ‘Once Upon a Time’ will be JoAnna Garcia who, it has been announced today, will be donning her best fishy tail as the show’s version of little mermaid Ariel.

Although we’re still on season two here in the UK, this news is further evidence that the next year will be taking viewers beyond Storybrooke and the far, far away fairytale land already established; not only will we be meeting Ariel (and hopefully Sebastian and Flounder!) under the sea, but the story will follow our heroes into Neverland.

Speaking of different lands, hopefully new spinoff show ‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’ will prove just as fun a diversion as its parent show. Developed by show creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (with a little help from one of my fave ‘Buffy’ scribes, Jane Espenson), it shouldn’t disappoint. Catch the trailer below: