Electric League Dreams

the human league

All together now: ‘I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, that much is trueeeeee’!

Last weekend, I caught The Human League in concert and proceeded to write some words about it. In a nutshell, my Human League review covers the same main points made in my previous coverage of the group’s live shows (having seen the ’80s pop pioneers twice before, not to mention at festivals) which is to say that those capital-C Choons are evergreen and even better when played out to a party-ready crowd on a Friday night. ‘Love Action’, ‘Electric Dreams’, ‘Mirror Man’, the list goes on and on – and, although ‘Being Boiled’ is sadly absent, Phil Oakey and his gals deliver the goods.

With Crimbo party season coming up, no doubt this beaut will be getting a few plays…

Client Will See You Now


Slinkies, Swatch watches, vintage Madonna, ‘The Goonies’… the ’80s were pretty ace, TBF (as a 1986 baby, I have some worthy credentials there even if I was more of a ’90s geek kid).

Client is one musical act that sound like they refuse to believe it’s 2014. The female indie duo have ridden a wave of ’80s nostalgia on past albums, and continue to do so on new record ‘Authority’. It’s a throwback for sure, so your enjoyment will depend on your familiarity and enjoyment of acts like The Human League and Depeche Mode, but check out my review and the vid for single ‘Refuge’ to make your own mind up.