Trailer Tuesday: Uncharted Tombs

Something a bit different this week (hey, the movies are getting enough hype in the run-up to the Oscars), and following yesterday’s promising Geek-nip in the form of new X-capades – but it’s not all about TV resurrections, because two of this boy’s favourite video game franchises are getting retooled and all next-gen shiny at the end of the year.

Yep, the original raider of tombs Lara Croft will be running, leaping, climbing and shooting her way through an Xbox One vs. PS4 battle with her younger, hairier successor Nathan Drake – who himself is not averse to a copious amount of running, leaping, climbing and shooting. But who to choose?

Of course, it’ll be both (bearing in mind I don’t own a single next-gen console yet, hmm) but this does feel more personal than most console clashes, primarily because these two series share so many gameplay elements and are both being released just before next Xmas. A whiff of Blur vs. Oasis, if you ask me. It’s a hard one to judge: ‘Uncharted’ has just got better, more ambitious and more fun with each entry and, following Naughty Dog’s awe-inspiring ‘The Last of Us’, it’s likely that ‘A Thief’s End’ (a true end for Drake?!) will be darker, unpredictable and more cinematic than ever; meanwhile, the stalwart ‘Tomb Raider’ series may have shown signs of having raided one too many tombs by the mid-2000s but a couple of recent strong entries, namely 2012’s spit-and-polish reboot, mean ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ could mean the girl comes out on top.

Both trailers suggest EPIC, with stirringly scored teaser trailers that manage to do what movie trailers no longer seem to want to do: tease! Although I grew up with Lara, my allegiance is currently with Drake, purely because of the odd decision by the developer (based on a new Microsoft partnership) to release the game exclusively on Xbox first of all, despite the character beginning life on PlayStation. My dutiful sense of nostalgia there, but then again I can understand the lack of business sense in releasing two action-adventure exclusives on the same machine, days apart – especially when both involve a hella lot of cave-ransackin’.

Either way, the two trailers have me starting my next-gen funds already. Which one is your winner?


The Last Picture Show

I’ll be bringing you news of 2014’s San Diego Comic-Con later this week, following its weekend wrap-up today.

However, news of an official movie adap of PS3 survival horror hit ‘The Last of Us’ is too exciting not to babble about before then…

maisie williams ellie

Announced at the start of the annual event, which attracts an ever-increasing geek pilgrimage year on year, a movie version of 2013’s ‘Game of the Year’ will be written by the game’s original scripter, potentially star Maisie Williams (Arya Stark herself!) as heroine Ellie, and – most notable for fans of cult movies and gore – will be produced by ‘Spiderman’ and ‘Evil Dead’ helmer, Sam Raimi.

Could this be the turnaround video games have been waiting for when it comes to game-to-screen updates? Sure, it would be nice if the original voice cast could translate to the movie, but the difference in age unfortunately means Ashley Johnson won’t work out as a teen Ellie in Hollywoodland.

Still, the credibility suggested by the CC announcement is enough to get fans tensed up for the nerve-jangling human vs fungus-people zombie apocalypse – even if it’s not out for another couple of years!

Next Gen Bat to Fly in 2014

rocksteady batman

Are you one of the purists still sore over ‘Arkham Origins’? Well, get ready to chill the F out following the announcement that Rocksteady is returning to the series finale ‘Arkham Knight’.

Set roughly one year after the events of ‘Arkham City’, Rocksteady’s last adventure in Gotham, this is set to be the geek’s choice of game for next-gen players in 2014. Prepare to do the Batdance over the fact that you can drive the Batmobile – oh hellz yeah!

The Last of Us News: Left Behind on Valentine’s Day

If you’re not into the dinner-and-a-movie Valentine’s routine, then you’re in luck – that is, if your girl/boyfriend appreciates the fine art of video games.

left behind

Even if they don’t, they may just have got drawn in as you played Naughty Dog’s PS3 epic ‘The Last of Us’, easily one of last year’s best games. Following that game’s gut-punch ending, the prospect of DLC has been something for fans to savour until – or even if – the sequel arises like an infected clicker.

Well, today those fine folk at Naughty Dog have released a full opening cinematic trailer for ‘Left Behind’, which charts an episode of Ellie’s pre-Joel life. For fans of the game, it’s likely this scene between Ellie and estranged friend Riley will develop into a harrowing struggle for survival.

And, what’s that? It’s out Valentine’s Day? So, flowers and chocolates it is for the other half – Friday 14th is reserved. Just make sure you have enough ammo…

14 for 2014: Game On, New Doctor Time

Are you one of the lucky geeks who got a next-gen console off Santa this Xmas? Of course I’m jealous, but then again the game line-up so far has been underwhelming even if the very idea of a PS4 makes my mouth fill with saliva.

Thankfully, gamers have a lot to look forward to this year whether your hardware is upgraded or not. Highlights abound and, for shame-faced PS3/Xbox 360 owners like myself, some of the more exciting titles are available on the old kit.

Sure, PS4’s ‘The Evil Within’ looks like good scary fun, but the console crossover likes of ‘Watch Dogs’ (‘Remember Me’ done right?), rad reboot ‘Thief’ and epic-in-waiting ‘Destiny’, from the makers of ‘Halo’/’COD’, lead the way in an exciting fashion. Meanwhile, crowd-funded point-and-click adventure puzzler ‘Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey’ is set to be a favourite of old-school fans and PC gamers nonplussed next-gen advancements.

game lineup 2014

As for the next thing on my list, I don’t think much needs to be said. Forget your annual GP visit, this year it’s all about one Doctor and his name is Malcolm Fucking Tucker. I feel Saturday nights are about to get unpredictable…

(props to the genius creator of this video)

Halloween Countdown – Costume Inspiration #4

The great thing about being a video gamer AND a girl? You have some great options for cosplay chic or, of course, Halloween dress-up. Sure, us guys can dress up as Pyramid Head for super scare factor but how the hell are you meant to enjoy a drink with a big-ass pyramid on your head?!

Meanwhile ladies, thanks to Lara Croft your options are fun without requiring crazy headgear. American McGee’s bloodier take on Alice and zombie-slaying cheerleader Juliet from ‘Lollipop Chainsaw’ are just two ready-made heroines perfect for Halloween.

alice lollipop chainsaw