Trailer Tuesday: Jurassic Evolution

Oh, to be 7 years old and simultaneously wowed and scared shitless in the cinema all over again. Back in 1993, I was either too young (and, as we all were back then, internet-less) to have caught a trailer OR 1993 trailers simply kept the big surprises and money shots for the paying customer’s cinema experience; either way, and I suspect it’s a mix of both, I had no idea of the wondrous experience that lay in wait at UCI cinema for my 7th birthday treat. The T-Rex flipping the car, the dilophosaurus offing the guy from ‘Seinfeld’, velociraptors in the kitchen. OH MY ALAN GRANT!

Thanks to Steven Spielberg, ‘Jurassic Park’ was to me what I imagine ‘Star Wars’ was to my older cousins. I enjoyed the sequels for what they were but I can still remember those two hours in the multiplex, my Mom screaming all holy Hell when Laura Dern is confronted with Samuel Jackson’s, erm, loose limb – those nasty, brilliant surprises remain unforgettable. So, it is with some trepidation that we have the second ‘Jurassic World’ trailer, aired during the Superbowl, revealing what seems to be so much so soon.

Still, Chris Pratt facing off with big beasties and shots of flying dinos swooping down to pick off theme park tourists – the potential is right there! Tamed raptors, though? Hmm. Get them back in the kitchen with Tim and Lex!

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