Trailer Tuesday: Uncharted Tombs

Something a bit different this week (hey, the movies are getting enough hype in the run-up to the Oscars), and following yesterday’s promising Geek-nip in the form of new X-capades – but it’s not all about TV resurrections, because two of this boy’s favourite video game franchises are getting retooled and all next-gen shiny at the end of the year.

Yep, the original raider of tombs Lara Croft will be running, leaping, climbing and shooting her way through an Xbox One vs. PS4 battle with her younger, hairier successor Nathan Drake – who himself is not averse to a copious amount of running, leaping, climbing and shooting. But who to choose?

Of course, it’ll be both (bearing in mind I don’t own a single next-gen console yet, hmm) but this does feel more personal than most console clashes, primarily because these two series share so many gameplay elements and are both being released just before next Xmas. A whiff of Blur vs. Oasis, if you ask me. It’s a hard one to judge: ‘Uncharted’ has just got better, more ambitious and more fun with each entry and, following Naughty Dog’s awe-inspiring ‘The Last of Us’, it’s likely that ‘A Thief’s End’ (a true end for Drake?!) will be darker, unpredictable and more cinematic than ever; meanwhile, the stalwart ‘Tomb Raider’ series may have shown signs of having raided one too many tombs by the mid-2000s but a couple of recent strong entries, namely 2012’s spit-and-polish reboot, mean ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ could mean the girl comes out on top.

Both trailers suggest EPIC, with stirringly scored teaser trailers that manage to do what movie trailers no longer seem to want to do: tease! Although I grew up with Lara, my allegiance is currently with Drake, purely because of the odd decision by the developer (based on a new Microsoft partnership) to release the game exclusively on Xbox first of all, despite the character beginning life on PlayStation. My dutiful sense of nostalgia there, but then again I can understand the lack of business sense in releasing two action-adventure exclusives on the same machine, days apart – especially when both involve a hella lot of cave-ransackin’.

Either way, the two trailers have me starting my next-gen funds already. Which one is your winner?


3 thoughts on “Trailer Tuesday: Uncharted Tombs

  1. Hey dude, The Bloke doesn’t think he will like the Tomb Raider games because “If you can’t find some tiny switch in the shadows, you are stuck on that level which is so annoying” I think the fact he used the word ‘level’ shows that he hasn’t played it in a very long time. He plays Wolfenstein and Duke Nukem which have arse kicking and slight puzzle moments and he loves them! Do you think he should try Nathan Drake (on PS4)?

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