Take Me to Church (and the Record Shop)

Hozier’s ‘Take Me to Church’ is undoubtedly one of the tracks of the year, introducing listeners to the soulful tones of Irish troubadour Andrew Hozier-Byrne via a dark, gospel-hued blues ballad. You may have heard it trailing the end credits of an episode of new cult TV fave ‘The Leftovers’, but the mainstream hasn’t ignored it either: it’s bafflingly been given the thumbs up by chart-crazed Radio 1, and a slot was given to Hozier on Jools Holland’s taste-making music show.

Anyone who missed two previous EPs will be happy to know Hozier’s self-titled debut album hits UK record shops (and, y’know, iTunes) tomorrow, after having already enjoyed success in his native Ireland, so we’ll all be able to listen to what lies beyond that haunting lead single. Until then, let’s bask one more time in the grizzled glory of his offbeat hymn to Sunday service:

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