Purple Reign

art official age plectrumelectrum

U2 force-feeding Apple fans a copy of their new album? Pfft. Thom Yorke releasing new music via BitTorrent? Pah! If there’s any kick-ass move made by a musical maestro these past few weeks, it’s Prince’s canny decision to release TWO albums on the same day. Moreover, he’s only gone and given people the option to purchase them on a physical format (oh my!) both online and in record stores (maverick!).

Seriously though, it’s always a treat to get new grooves from His Royal Purpleness so a solo album, ‘Art Official Age’, and a collaboration with his live all-female backing band 3rdeyegirl, ‘Plectrumelectrum’, means autumn/winter 2014 are about to get a whole lot funkier.

Having caught the tiny god on his comeback tour in May, I can safely say that the new material was pretty jive. The Artist Formerly Known as Squiggly Symbol is never one to rest on his laurels so, although ‘When Doves Cry’ and ‘Purple Rain’ inevitably proved the biggest moments of the night, it’s no surprise that new songs were strong too – and now we get to hear them again and again! Which album is YOUR fave so far??

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