The True Death

It’s finally here.

After paying my respects a year ago, upon the announcement it was being staked in the heart, it’s time for UK fangbangers to take their final sip of ‘True Blood’.

true blood season 7

Of course, there may be those of you not tuned in to FOX who’re up to date with our US cousins who bit into the finale a couple of weeks ago – but, rather than spoiling the ending for us pitiful TV viewers, why not join us in celebrating the legacy of Sookie, Bill, Eric, Pam, and the residents of Bon Temps with one last trip down the bloody bayou?

After a bit of a dip around the Season Four mark, HBO’s vamp drama embraced its crazy, ridiculous and kinky nature to romp towards the finishing line like Jason Stackhouse on V. The final season may have given short shrift to some key characters (Sam, Tara, Alcide) but I have every faith tonight’s sign-off will celebrate the show’s wicked ways at the same time as providing closure for the Sookie/Bill shippers out there.

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