Words on Wainwright

The Wainwright dynasty offers anyone with even a passing interest in the family discography almost Corleone-levels of family drama and blood-letting – only theirs is the emotional kind, not the horses-in-beds kind.

So, as a fan of Rufus, Martha and the parentals, I was of course up for a spin of the new record from Loudon Wainwright III – that’s Papa Wainwright to the gay messiah and his little sister, Martha.

havent got the blues yet

‘Haven’t Got the Blues (Yet)’ is merely the 26th (!) album from Loudon, so perhaps its most surprising facet is its freshness. To get on board, you’ll have to enjoy the sound of a grizzled folkster-cum-storyteller weaving witty, observational and occasionally gut-punching tales of both the personal and topical, but age doesn’t come into it; this is funny and warm music that escapes its occasionally stinging references to the ‘blues’ and late-blooming depression to become the latest chapter in the singer’s engaging meditation on that little thing called life.

Check out ‘I Knew Your Mother’, featuring Martha Wainwright’s backing vocals, below:

My capsule review is live now over at The Music Fix, right here: ‘Haven’t Got the Blues (Yet)’.

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