Trailer Tuesday: Ready For Love?

Hmm, this one could go either way. Could it be the next clever indie mind-meddler or a ponderous exercise in aimless pretension?

I’m holding out hope that ‘The One I Love’ is a movie to fall hard for. The pull quotes in the trailer reference Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman, which is no small praise, and the presence of mumblecore maverick Mark Duplass and ‘Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss (so good in last year’s hypnotic ‘Top of the Lake’) continue to suggest quality.

However, the promo is not giving anything away – which, in this world of setpiece-ruining clips, is a rare treat but one that we’re no longer used to. What the hell are they doing in that weekend retreat? Are they really alone? Will they just talk at each other with their quirky faces in close-up for the whole movie or will something bizarre, as the off-kilter tone implies, actually happen? Find out and get loved-up later this year.

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