Trailer Tuesday: Zombie Girlfriend Alert

It was 2004 when ‘Shaun of the Dead’ expertly took on zombie movie tropes with good-hearted British humour, and in the years since the zombie genre has taken a bite out of pop culture in a big way. ‘The Walking Dead’ may take top honours with its grim, post-apocalyptic world populated with rounded characters – but where’s the funnies gone?

The recent ‘Warm Bodies’ showed zombie tongue could be put firmly in rotting cheek if the undead in question just happened to be able to fall in love. It looks like new zom-rom-com ‘Life After Beath’ may be next in line, pairing indie-cred faves Aubrey Plaza and Dane DeHaan as the couple separated by death. Throw in a great ensemble cast and a tone that suggests a balance between sweetness, jokes and boy-eating, and we may have a comedy that may not be DOA come its pre-Halloween UK release.

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