‘1000 Forms of Fear’ – 1000 Sounds of Sia

sia 1000 forms of fear

As a long-term Sia fan, I was hearting hard on ‘Chandelier’ earlier this year. But would the promise of a new album be kept?

Enter ‘1000 Forms of Fear’, which sees Ms Furler applying her unique approach (not to mention voice) to a set of big bold pop songs. Not content with lying back and rolling around in the piles of money generated by her hits for the likes of Katy Perry, Rihanna, Eminem, Britney and such, Sia follows up 2010’s ‘We Are Born’ with a catchy, colourful record that keeps some of the kook but also isn’t afraid of Top 40-sized choruses.

Whether she’ll ever make it as a global-conquering chart star in her own right remains to be seen, but she’s done enough here to merit a pole position on any discerning pop fan’s iPod rotation for a while. And did I mention ‘Chandelier’ is F-word awesome?!!

Check out my 4* ‘1000 Forms of Fear’ review, live now at The Music Fix.

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