Party On With Rachael Smith

rachael smith house party

Meet Mish, Siobhan and Neil. They’re a little bit lost.

Stuck in supposedly ‘stop-gap’ jobs and slumming it in their house-share with red wine and ‘Come Dine With Me’ repeats, the trio of pals attempt to relive the glory of their uni days with an impromptu house party attended by the local so-hot-right-now indie rock band. What could possibly go wrong?

Nailing the sense of apathy, disillusionment and general feeling of ‘what do I do now?’ experienced by many a twentysomething in the haze of post-uni days, comic book artist and writer Rachael Smith is on to a winner with her first graphic novel proper ‘House Party’.

house party

Smith’s story is short, but in just 100 pages she fits in enough canny characterisation, snarky jokes and kickass art to make this party one worth attending. Her cast of goofy, geeky misfits are drawn in a cute, colourful way that recalls the indie hipsters of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s ‘Scott Pilgrim’ series (Sonic Youth tees abound!) but the voice is defiantly British; while her characters may fling about ‘douchebag’ as an insult, they’re also happy calling things ‘minging’.

With a bittersweet ending that leaves the door open for more encounters with the gang (I especially wouldn’t mind seeing what tequila-swiggin’ bezzy friend Siobhan gets up to next), ‘House Party’ is a short but sweet, perfectly formed triumph.

Find out more about Rachael Smith and ‘House Party’ via her blog or track her down on Twitter. Can’t wait to see what she does next!

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