Trailer Tuesday: Hungry For More?

So far, Snow good. Or not so good.

This week’s Tuesday trailer (more of a tease, to be fair) is dedicated to the adaptation of the third book in Suzanne Collins’s bestselling trilogy of books, which will be the third of four films that Jennifer Lawrence is no doubt very glad she signed up for.

In the ingenious ‘Mockingjay’ promo clip below, President Snow (Donald Sutherland) addresses the Districts of Panem from his Capitol throne. But what’s this? Katniss’s sorta-honey Peeta, last seen before she ripped The Hunger Games a new one and woke up on a hovercraft Peeta-less, is at the dastardly dictator’s side. Has he gone rogue? Was he always the bad boy when she thought he was the good guy? Has anyone in the world actually not read the books to not know the answers?

Whether you’re a newcomer to the Games or a hardened survivalist, this playful approach to the trailer is enough to suggest that we’ll all be pleased with the third entry in one of the best big-screen blockbusters of the century so far. #OnePanem indeed.

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