Festival Film Born in the USA

jay-z made in america

Jay-Z and Richie Cunningham. Nope, Jay-Z isn’t ditching Kanye as a regular collab partner, nor Queen Bey for a sordid romantic endeavour.

Instead, the world’s biggest rap star Shawn Carter and Hollywood director – and former ‘Happy Day’-er – Ron Howard, are bringing last year’s Showtime documentary to DVD. Spotlighting Mr Carter’s Made in America festival, the film is definitely worth a watch for any music fan, documenting the development and realisation of the first festival in Philadelphia in 2012.

Now in its third year (and with an increasingly impressive line-up across Philly and L.A. each year, see pic below), the doc does well to showcase some strong live snippets from the festival’s impressive melting pot of acts; from Janelle Monae to Pearl Jam, right back to The Hives, Miike Snow, Jay himself and everyone in between… it really does look like good fun, maybe less of a novelty for us festival-fatigued Brits, but the interviews reveal the well-intentioned ethos and love of music that has made the event happen year on year.

Check out my ‘Made in America’ review online at The Music Fix right now. 🙂

2014 made in america lineup

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