Twisted Tales

Twisted Dark Vol 1

Surely, it’s common knowledge now that ‘comics’ aren’t a) for kids and b) necessarily comic. Thanks to the post-‘Dark Knight’ Nolan era, comics and graphic novels are being consumed by more adults than ever – and not just those featuring guys dressed in spandex.

If you like your graphic novels more twisted than comical, then Think Publications have the perfect tales waiting for you. The ‘Twisted Dark’ series gathers together short stories that all deliver a sharp sting, as evident in the first anthology ‘Volume One’ which I had the pleasure of sitting down with this weekend – although, of course, it was a delightfully twisted version of pleasure.

The first set of stories balances the blackly comic (‘The Game’) with the downright menacing (‘Blame’) and even controversial (‘A Heavenly Note’), the unsettling tone making for a read that won’t appeal to all. However, if you’re in the mood for something different and daring, then this is definitely worth your time; any publication that risks it all with a strip like ‘Routine’, which goes to some VERY dark places, gets my vote.

You’re in luck too if this is your kinda thing. Neil Gibson’s offbeat tales (which are accompanied by startling monochrome art, by the way) continue in further volumes which promise to connect various tales in all sorts of surprising ways. Why not take the chance and get twisted??

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