House Party Panels

Are you the kind of gal/guy who turns up at a house party with a comic book in tow?

Thankfully, graphic novelist upstart Rachael Smith is coming to your aid this summer with an original comic that brings the party to inked panels.

Written and illustrated by Rachael Smith and published by Great Beast Comics, ‘House Party’ marks the graphic novel debut of award-winning Smith who has already gained great reviews from the likes of Forbidden Planet.

Think ‘Scott Pilgrim’ by way of a British ‘Girls’ for a story that follows three 20-somethings Michelle, Siobhan, and Neil, who are having trouble adapting to post-grad life in the real world (ugh). A massive house party – like back in the uni days – will surely solve all their problems… right?

Rachael Smith has previously released ‘The Way We Write’ and ‘I Am Fire’ through David Lloyd’s digital publishing company Aces Weekly. Her smart, sassy style is sure to result in one of this summer’s must-reads – and a reason to party, for sure!

Preorders for House Party are open on the project’s Kickstarter page.

house party rachael smith

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