Comics Just Got Cooler

I like comics. I like Neil Gaiman. I loveee Tori Amos.

I don’t live in London, which is why I don’t own a ticket to the sold out ‘Comic Connections’ event at the British Library this May, which brings those three favourite things together. Ergo: I’m going to cry over my copy of ‘The Sandman’ now.

tori amos neil gaiman

The Friday night session, which precedes ‘Late at the Library: Comics and Music’ (set to feature an appearance by Gaiman’s wifey Amanda Palmer), will team up fantasy writer Gaiman to converse with the Cornflake Girl to talk all things comic book, as there’s is a friendship based on a mutual admiration for each other’s work which has culminated in Gaiman writing flame-haired graphic novel characters and teaming up with Amos on her ‘Comic Book Tattoo’ anthology.

Sounds like a geek dream. Someone send me an inked and panelled postcard??

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