Buffy: Made of Bricks

‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’: amazing. LEGO: also pretty damn cool. So, combining the two things was always going to be a genius idea.

Well, thanks to Flickr user Mr.Savath_Bunny aka Ryan Rydalch, the dream of seeing Buffy made in bricks is now no longer a dream. Inspired after purchasing the Avengers LEGO set and viewing fan-made Firefly creations, Rydalch got to work LEGO-hunting and has fashioned a number of different setups and characters that ‘Buffy’ fans will recognise.

Let’s hope Mr Rydalch’s sterling work actually results in a LEGO take on the Sunnydale Scoobs that is equally as inspired. My fave is the ‘Hush’ Gentlemen set, but of course it’s all great. Choice picks below but you can view the complete collection here. Prepare to be slayed!

Buffy Summers LEGO

Buffy Gentlemen LEGO

BtVS Season 1 LEGO

All images courtesy of Mr.Savath_Bunny.

2 thoughts on “Buffy: Made of Bricks

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  2. Reblogged this on StarFor52 and commented:
    These are pretty awesome. Lego has really come up in my life this year… First of all it was these awesome little limited edition cars we were selling at work, then the awesomeness of The Simpsons… In LEGO!!!! Third Brick: The Movie! Which while it takes some getting used to, it’s jam packed with intertextual references and. so. much. lego. And there’s this, something which probably isn’t current enough to actually be given a shot, nut the idea is sheer perfection. And I love the little props: stake, torch, lipstick, subtle ‘Vampyr’ ref. 😛

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