Save the Cheerleader, Save the TV Show

In genre-land, you can be the biggest thing on Planet Pop Culture one minute before you’re a property that people are rolling their eyes at the next. Such was the decline of ‘Heroes’, a global phenomenon during its first 2006/2007 season before its superpower steam ran out and it got the axe in 2010. Saving the cheerleader may have saved the world, but it didn’t save the TV show.

Flash forward (remember that show?!) to 2014, where Sylar is Spock and the cheerleader is a ‘Nashville’ country star, and a teaser ad for ‘Heroes Reborn’ drops out of the sky like Peter Petrelli. Looks like we may get to learn what Claire’s fate was following that abrupt cliffhanger after all!

Creator Tim Kring and NBC have confirmed a run of 13 episodes for 2015, but the question of whether any of the original cast will be returning remains. As long as ‘Reborn’ stays away from spooky travelling carnivals, we may have a welcome return hit on our hands.

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