Mommy Dearest

greta gerwig

I was in spin-off ‘stormproofing’ mode upon the announcement that ‘How I Met Your Mother’ was getting a post-script show following the resolution to Ted Mosby’s 9-year search for the future mother of his kids. The hit CBS comedy ends this spring in the US and its last season has finally begun airing on E4, but the news of its timely departure (there’s only so long impatient teens can put up with Dad jabbering on about slap bets and attack-ready goats, right?) was not long followed by murmurings of a new story told from the female perspective.

As the original announcement confirmed ‘HIMYM’ creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas would be on board, all signs pointed towards the show focusing on Ted’s eventual wifey and how she came about meeting Ted and picking up that yellow umbrella. Sigh. UNTIL… last week, when Greta Gerwig was confirmed as the lead and NOT the future Mrs Mosby. Now that’s what you call a casting coup in Sitcom Land.

Known to indie movie fans as the offbeat actress who lent her unique talents to the likes of ‘Greenberg’, ‘Damsels In Distress’ and last year’s ‘Frances Ha’, Gerwig is hopefully a sign that ‘How I Met Your Dad’ (there’s your title) will be something to actually look forward to rather than begrudgingly sit through due to some sense of loyalty to the ol’ MacLarens crew.

The pilot will be shot in Los Angeles with a full NYC-based series (how very ‘Girls’) to follow if successfully picked up. With Emily Spivey’s confirmed involvement – following the cancellation of the underrated ‘Up All Night’ – and word that Gerwig will also be involved behind-the-scenes, the project is certainly taking a step in the right direction – away from ‘Joey’.

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