Boyle’s Babylon

Danny Boyle’s ‘national treasure’ status following London 2012 meant that no-one really paid any mind when his first post-Olympics film ‘Trance’ fell over the first hurdle at the box office. He is, after all, the genius that brought us ‘Trainspotting’, ‘127 Hours’, ’28 Days Later’ and so on and so forth. And I haven’t yet seen ‘Trance’ – could be great!

I have to say though the trailer for new TV venture ‘Babylon’ is a much more exciting proposition. First off, Oscar winner Boyle’s transition to TV is in itself a curveball. Second of all, ‘Babylon’ looks off the hook mental.

A plot of any sort is hard to make out, although terror attacks in London and political and policial ramifications look set to be given a satirical slant with trademark black humour returning Boyle to his rock ‘n’ roll roots. Boyle draws in the top talent, with the likes of James Nesbitt and indie darling Brit Marling (yup, she of the exceptionally good ‘Another Earth’) heading up the cast – but Boyle himself was drawn by ‘Peep Show’ and ‘Fresh Meat’ creators Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong, which makes this sojourn to Babylon even more promising.

The madcap fun and games begin Sunday night on Channel 4.

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